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a spring picnic

the weather has been so beautiful and bright here in charlotte this spring. i have been wanting to take lunch to the park for a picnic so yesterday for memorial day we packed up the baby and headed uptown. one of the many things i love about charlotte is that, because of the nice weather, people are usually out and about. everyone flocks outside to get sunshine and fresh air. i grew up constantly playing outside; running and playing and such. i hope parks loves to do the same someday. therefore, i love the park scene here and try to go as much as possible. there are so many to choose from. we decided to stop uptown at the 7th street market where we browsed and picked up an ice coffee and sandwiches. then we headed across the street to the new, first ward park, which was pretty cool. we would have stayed there but there weren't very many large trees for shade {because it's brand new} so we headed down the street to our old neighborhood to enjoy independence park in elizabeth. 

i enjoyed the hot steak sandwich and mr. monaco the hot italian. the cucumber salad was crisp and very flavorful. it was the perfect scene for some willie nelson on pandora and some serenity under a tree. parks slept in his stroller for the first thirty minutes while mr. monaco and i chatted and read. there were little kids running around laughing and joyously enjoying the pretty spring day, while 20 somethings played sand volleyball next to us {as memories came flooding back from my initial days here- my friends and i spent many sundays playing}. we came home a few hours later with dirty feet and smelling like fresh cut grass. these family outings, these moments spent together, they are my magic. 
7th street market- uptown charlotte
parks and i are both wearing h&m 
my dress is super light/ideal for southern summers and was only $10 
park is wearing patriotic moccs from an instagram sale- $12 
his american flag hat is also from h&m {they have such cute baby boy clothes!}
diaper bag: fawn design 
blanket: vintage from noda salvaged beauty in charlotte
we prayed and thought about all of our american fallen soldiers
"home of the free- because of the brave."
"don't hold a chip or a grudge - bitterness keeps you from flying"
{lyrics from the song, humble and kind by tim mcgraw- my song for baby parks}
this boy- my whole heart. 
do you like to picnic?
if so, what's your favorite thing to bring/do?
...hoping we have many more {summer} picnics ahead... 
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  1. One of my favorite ways to spend summer days!

    1. :) thank you, chelsea! hope you and jack {and hubby} are loving florida! have fun

  2. We live near a large park where people are often in their hammocks or having picnics...which we actually haven't done yet! It sounds like you had the perfect weekend.

    1. a hammock- how amazing!!! it was a great one- hope the same for you! ps: i am cuddled up in the same exact style of blanket as your snap - haha. my mom made it!

  3. Picnics are so much fun! Hope you have a great week :)

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