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a charlotte spotlight: noda company store

last sunday, my little family of mine headed over to one of my favorite neighborhoods, noda {the arts district} in charlotte. i used to live there and it's very near and dear to my heart. the second i walked into this new spot, NoDa company store, my love for the area grew even stronger. i was so in love. i had been following them on social media for awhile, but it was even better in person! the atmosphere, the art, the colors, the brews, the concept- all so, so wonderful. it's right behind smelly cat off 36th avenue and is lively and laid back at the same time. my perfect combo. it's full of art + brews + music + wine + a mimosa bar + a cool atmosphere + market lights {can't forget those!}

here are some photos i snapped with my iphone and a little bit more about this awesome spot: 
my boys hanging on the front porch 
yes, there is a front porch! 
the place was full of people mingling: babies, kids, dogs, friends, and family 
again, i knew right away that this was my kind of place!
loved their tribute to prince
i even loved the restroom door! :) 
they often have live music - especially local folk artists 
like this incredible duo, the new hires
check them out here
absolutely love their music 
ps: check the store's website {here} for upcoming music performances and events 
there is a relaxing 'zen garden' with swings, plants, and benches 
{this area is kid/dog free} 
they often grill burgers and serve free wings
therefore, this sign made us laugh
loved it
i think this is our first family selfie :) 
it was so nice to spend some time together after a month of traveling/visitors
it's also the ideal pit-stop before a picnic in the park
there are coolers full of local pimento cheese, wine, beer, and lots of other food options 
{they sell my all-time favorite pimento cheese, queen charlotte's pimento cheese royale}
the walls are lined with local charlotte artists' pieces  
and local craft beers
there is often a mimosa bar to enjoy as well! 
so fun- yum. 
parks' first time wearing his 'cool dude' shades 
the adorable, old, home {now store} has the coolest paintings on it 
i had a delicious jalapeño beer
everyone was so friendly 
we took a walk later and headed to another spot in the neighborhood, solstice 
most of you know this, but old homes are my jam
therefore, the atmosphere was just extraordinary to me 
the fireplace stole my heart
almost as much as this jar!!
yes, please!!
and definitely grape
we will be back
noda company store, you are my kind of place 
fun, eclectic, friendly, colorful, and relaxing
be sure to follow them on social media:

tuesday | noon-9pm 
wednesday | noon-9pm
thursday | noon-9pm
friday | noon-10pm
saturday | 10am-10pm
sunday | noon-8pm
{on another note: my hibiscus tree {i've had one at all five homes i have lived in in charlotte} is blooming so beautifully right now!} 

3221 yadkin avenue 
charlotte, nc 28205

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just sharing my new local love with you 
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  1. Replies
    1. thank you, angie! hope you're well and it is definitely amazing! love it! have a great day

  2. This looks like such a neat place! So much fun!

  3. That place looks amazing! I so wish we had places like that where I live. I would be there in a second!

  4. What a fun place. I love local cafes, especially ones that highlight and share other local's artistry and talents. I'd be there all the time if it was close to me! What a fun day with your guys. The picture of Parks in his sunnies is absolutely precious!