weekending | olive june


last weekend was one for the books! 
so i thought i would share some highlights
my sister, her husband, and my best friend visited us in charlotte
and we had lots of fun! 
spring time vibes 
handmade in charlotte by two amazing sisters!  
we enjoyed lunch at bakersfield friday 
such an incredible spot if you've never been 
old country music, movies, garage doors overlooking east blvd, great tacos, guac, and margs 
and explored some of our favorite breweries in town on saturday
there are so, so many in our city
with plans for more on the way! 
i just read an article that put charlotte top in the nation 
we love going to them! 
live music, craft beer, cool ambiances, yard games, food trucks, market lights
i mean- can't get enough!
parks feels the same way! 
he's always such a good boy
my sister and i grabbed a latte at the market
+ mani, pedis and a fresh juice at luna's living kitchen in southend 
my boy is learning to rock a selfie! 
love from auntie jess at earl's grocery ... and dada 
parks was still in his jammies :) 
my beautiful friend, renee, was the best helper!
we spent hours together at a new wine bar called foxcroft wine company in dilworth friday night 
it was so nice to catch up! 
my sister and i went there thursday night and enjoyed the yummy {yummy} food and cocktails! 
so much that i took renee on friday night

my cuddly boo bear 
when yours + your husband's style collide
-sycamore brewing-
the wood/antlers- sooooo me
and the american pride- sooooo mr. monaco 
hope you're having a great week! 
we are loving our adventures in my small hometown- located in northwest, ohio
so... if yours + your husband's styles collided, what would it look like? 
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  1. I can't get enough of the Parks photos- too precious!
    Looks like an amazing weekend. That necklace is fabulous :)

    1. thank you SO much!! he is so much bigger now... april was a rough month with nursing- sorry I never responded to your comment!!