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ten spring picnic ideas

enjoying a picnic, especially in the spring or fall, is one of my very favorite things to do! last sunday i enjoyed a small picnic with parks in our front yard. despite stubbing my toe so hard on the column on our porch {it's still swollen and i am having a hard time putting pressure on it!} mr. monaco heard it and ran out immediately- hardest one ever for this girl. well despite that- i loved it. {i seriously need a new body these days!!} on another note, i would love to start a summer picnic club... where we meet up on saturday mornings at different parks in charlotte. everyone could bring a small dish to spread out on blankets as we sit and chat (maybe with wine juice boxes) while babies wiggle and toddles run about. anyone interested? 

today i thought i would share some of my favorite ideas for a spring picnic in the park:
i bought this onesie as a surprise for my husband, who loves harry potter! 
{the baby was only in the sun for about five seconds to take this photo- don't worry!}
it was about 70 degrees and sunny! we are so spoiled in north carolina regarding weather
the red velvet bundt cake and hot red converse shoes made me so happy
and the blanket was purchased at my favorite vintage shop in town, salvaged beauty noda
on the last one on one date parks and i went on before i delivered - just five days before
i saw it and thought it would be the perfect piece for our kids to enjoy picnics on someday.  
remember- #dontletthemugglesgetyoudown
{or mastitis and a stubbed toe- ha}
spring picnic ideas
spring picnic ideas by nellemonaco 
{click on the above link for more details/to purchase any item!}

1. deli sandwiches~ we love to pick up a speciality sub of choice at a local market and head to the park to enjoy! 
2. there is just something about baby blue and white striped towels. 
3. beautiful wicker picnic baskets, too. we use the one that our wedding venue gave us to leave our reception with... as our friends and family waved their giant sparklers. they packaged up some wine, cheese, crackers, and our wedding cake for a late night picnic. it's adorable. 
4. adoring this floral blanket! 
5. there is also something about the warmer months that screams cute clogs, nars lip gloss, and a straw hat 
6. a kelly green lace umbrella? yes, please! 
7. macaroons, a cheese board, and red wine are some of my favorites to include! {and oh mini bundt cakes now!} these wine stands are clearly a great idea... as i spilt on my book and blanket within moments- as you can see in the photo below! 
8. a cute succulent and a vintage cooler
9. a striped tote
10. you can buy pop up picnic tables on amazon that fold up - starting around $40
every sunday evening in june there is an event in charlotte called, 'pops in the park' where you can bring a picnic/beverages/a blanket {we used to even bring candles to our little pop up!} and can sit on the grass and listen to the orchestra. i used to go almost every week when i first moved to charlotte and always enjoyed it. i hope to bring our kids someday. it's both calming and fun! one idea i love is to pick a theme each week. for example, picking a color {orange is a good one} or a country or a time era and setting the picnic and mood based on that theme. 
 do you like to picnic?
if so, what and where do you love to do so most!
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  1. I wish I had something like pops in the park where I live!! I definitely want to go on some picnics this year!! My husband and I used to go a lot when we were dating but stopped! Hopefully it will finally stay warm in NY so we can! =P

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. This sounds like a great idea! I just wish that I lived closer to you. I love picnics. There's something so fun about putting a blanket down and sitting in the grass to eat a picnic lunch! Your pictures are beautiful!

  3. I would totally join your picnic club if I lived in Charlotte! So fun!

  4. This really puts me in the mood for a picnic. I love fresh kitchen towels!

  5. Now I want to go on a picnic! Stopping over from the linkup - hope you can pop by my blog as well!

  6. These are such great ideas. I love to picnic, and can't wait to start doing it more now that the weather has warmed up.