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"peek a boo" parks - on play for months two-three

"you are the light of my life"

hey! hope your week is going well! it's been a busy one again for us as we get ready for my sister, her husband and my best friend's visit this weekend. so excited. and then on sunday baby parks and i are flying to cincinnati with my sister for eight days. i can't wait to spend time with loved ones; my people. {'these are my people' by rodney atkins truly defines these people! 'yeehaw' love.} 
also, any advice for flying with a three month old? i plan to bring a baby wrap and will have luckily have my sister to help. thank you so much in advance. 
{ps: i am holding him up in this photo!}

seeing parks develop a sweet, sweet personality lately has been bittersweet. it's hard to see him get bigger- every single day. but it's also been so incredible and heart-warming to experience. this boy is calm and loves to smile and laugh. and 'talk' a lot. especially when he wakes up. there hasn't been a morning that he hasn't given me the biggest smile when i peer into his bassinet. i love that. 
yesterday, he had his first chiropractic visit and it went so well! he was awesome. i believe strongly in the practice and hope to share more soon. what i can tell you is that he nursed this morning and this afternoon- after two weeks of no success! yay!!! fingers crossed we might have a breakthrough. he also slept through the night! 
today i thought i would share some ways that we love to play lately based on research and advice i have been given ... it's obviously not a ton and i am very open-minded to him meeting milestones at his own pace but thought i would share- especially for all of the mommas-to-be and friends with little babes!}
visual play:
- smile at baby
- move to various room with baby while completing chores {i love to wear our solly baby or hope carried wraps to do so!}
- hold brightly colored objects in front of baby and move from left to right, up and down and in a circle
- make room bright - i have also heard that bright colored photos/pictures are great for baby
auditory play: 
- laugh when baby laughs
- sing lots of songs to baby- we also have pandora on often 
- talk to baby 
- involve baby in family activities and gatherings {this usually happens most before bed and in the morning- i love this time as a family of three}
- shake soft rattles for baby
- read books to baby - here are some of our favorites!
- expose baby to various household noises
tactile play: 
- give baby a massage {and great resources you know of for the proper way to do so?}
- comb baby's hair with a soft brush
- help baby touch different textures
- caress baby during bath time and while changing clothes
kinetic play: 
- use infant swing/bouncer {we have the automatic rock n' play and mama roo- love both!}
- place baby on tummy for tummy time
- move baby's extremities in a swimming motion
- utilize baby bars and play mats {he loves his animal friends from skip hop!}
i just loved him in his vintage red bear roper
baby boy- always remember that you are never too old to play 'peek a boo' 

what do you recommend for months two and three?
...also, here are some of my favorite baby toy items...
baby play
baby play by nellemonaco 
here are some more great ideas from sugar aunts!
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  1. As far as flying goes, I've heard that you should feed them during takeoff and landing, because swallowing helps their ears pop, and they don't know how to make themselves swallow on command yet!