adventures with parks- a very special day in small-town, ohio | olive june

adventures with parks- a very special day in small-town, ohio

-- four generations-- 

today was a very special day for me... i was able to introduce my son to my 86 year old maternal grandmother. she is my only living grandparent and has been such an important part in my life. we grew up close to her and have always had a very close bond. as a little girl, i watched her work harder than i could ever imagine on their local dairy farm, yet she always found the time to play with us and had a way of making each one of us {all eleven of us} feel so special. i have waited so long for this 'four generations' photo. she was so proud and beaming with joy to meet him and it truly was a very touching moment in my life.
--three generations--
june 25, 1983
the day she became a grandma 
we met up at a small cafe called the cottage cafe in minster, ohio 
love at first sight 
parks adored her 
my aunt vicki also joined us 
a vintage chalkboard and these drink specials were super cute 
latte love 
vintage botanical print- oh yes! 
he was ready for his lunch!! 
parks heard all about his momma's roots today as we explored 
we talked about all the fun ahead 
cows, country music, boat and corvette rides, mud puddles, faith, lots of pick-up trucks, football games, tractors, the chicken dance, playing with the puppies, and lots of love
lots of kindest, friendliness, and the power of a wave are all so present here 
all things i notice right away when i come back. 
{people sent me, 'welcome home' messages today- i mean how sweet is that?!}
it's totally friday night lights around here. 
i enjoyed crab cakes and a side salad
she sent me a text afterwards that said, 'i miss him already... seriously," so cute. 
raise your hand if you still order your favorite childhood treat at your local ice cream shop?! 
i will cherish these photos- always.  
watching the sunset after his first day at mimi and pops' -- ahh, life in the country 
{ps: i was taking this one-handed and couldn't get the dog, baby, and sky... but it was pretty!} haha|
when you go back and tour your hometown, where do you like to go?
more adventures to come for parks and mom!!
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  1. Oh how precious these photos are!!! That's amazing you were able to have such a special day with your mom and grandmother! =)

  2. Melt my heart! What a perfect day!

    1. it was so nice!! something i will always remember for sure

  3. Such sweet pictures!!! I'm sure your grandma will treasure her first visit with parks <3

    Edye //