adventures with parks | small-town, ohio | olive june

adventures with parks | small-town, ohio

we had a great trip up north {like a really good trip!} you may remember my post about my great grandma {who is so very dear to my heart} meeting the baby here. my mom left charlotte yesterday after over two weeks together. it was sad to see her go... but we have made so many memories lately; ones that i will cherish forever. thank you, dad, for sharing her with us. we have loved every second of our time together. 
parks' first visit to where i grew up was also something i will remember forever. 
here are some highlights...
my parents picked us up from the cincinnati airport
my heart felt so full. 
we went to my sister and brother-in-law's house for a cheeseboard and then toured the home next door that they are currently building- it's so beautiful!!! 
getting ready for the house tour- craft beer in hand. 
so midwestern. :)
enjoying his first country sunset 
jess and bassey traveled back with us 
i loved having my sister next to us- she was the biggest help!! 
i plan to share some 'traveling with a newborn on an airplane' tips soon 
{thanks to others for offering these to me!}
but he did great! 
my sister and i {well my whole family} have starbuck's names 
they all start with a 'm' and also have a 'r' in them 
{i never claimed to have a 'normal' family. ha! in fact, my sister and i also have our own language when together!}
mine = margaret 
my sister= mary
the girl at the airport starbuck's kept calling us miss margaret and miss mary
my sister had a great poker face... while i couldn't keep the giggles in. 
my sister and i were grabbing a latte in small-town when i saw my dad out walking the baby
my aunt pam spent that tuesday night with us
we enjoyed dinner, wine, and a sleepover 
she's always been a role model to me- love her outgoing and loving spirit 
friday night we had an open house 
{a 'sip in see' in the south} 
the basement was full of loved ones ... and everyone wanted to hold the baby
but this was his favorite spot. 
snuggled up with great gram
he stayed up way, way past his bedtime- but did great and in my opinion, it was so worth it 
these people mean so much to me
i think everyone eventually got to hold him... but there were comments about not wanting to take him away from this sweet lady! she was glowing. 
we visited my brother at the lululemon store he works at at the green in dayton
i loved their april calendar
there were real succulents hanging from it... 
i found these roses at the local grocery store 
but decided to go with a large bunch of white tulips for $4.99!
my aunt helped me give parks a bath 
so thankful that my cousin, shelley, took some photos at the open house 
speaking of her... i surprised her and her daughter, ansley
at minster elementary as a mystery reader! 
loved this experience and meeting those sweet little faces
evening walk with mom, mimi, and the pups
we spent a day {and then i spent another day} thrift shopping in downtown tipp city, ohio
i plan to share our day on here soon - it was wonderful! 
i love that little downtown
this little gem came home with me! 
friday morning was gorgeous! 
so my mom and i went to the new bremen coffee company 
and then enjoyed their community garage sale day
i found a huge pile of baby clothes and toys for under $20 
there was a lot of love on mama's front porch that week 
as i went to spend the night with a childhood friend
i was mesmerized by the beautiful country roads
roads i used to have so, so, so much fun on...
roads that now bring me so much peace. 
they took my breath away. 
here are the tulips i picked up! 
new bremen coffee company 
love the pride and history present in small-town 
the trees were just starting to bloom up there 
uncle alex and james the goose 
my brother was so good with his nephew
he helped me and was constantly playing with him! 
so sweet
we love you, al
my mom has been collecting vintage dr. seuss books for parks/her future grandkids 
and i loved watching her read to him 
i think there is just something about your mom's voice
i have always loved her reading voice the most 
cuddles from oliver the dog
the cottage cafe- minster, ohio
i will cherish this photo- always. 
my favorite spot as a child
i visited often during the visit 
two great men in my life 
my best friend, katie, with her little girl, anna 
she loved baby parks 
i miss this friend so very much
and am appreciative to all of my amazing friends who came! 
this beautiful girl has the sweetest soul
lastly, we enjoyed pizzas and beers at pies & pints with my brother sunday evening
while watching the masters
delicious food if you're ever at the green 
and after three weeks of fun and very busy days
parks and i are relaxing all day today. 
it feels wonderful! 
...until our next adventure...
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  1. These are some lovely captures, Nelle! I love that you were able to spend so much time with your family and that your little one got to meet all of them. Looks like he took your trip in stride! That's a great sign of a good baby :) Thanks so much for sharing these with us on #shinebloghop this week. It's such a pleasure to read through your piece!

    1. thank you so much! thank you for hosting! we had a great time... until next time :) i will always cherish this trip!

  2. So incredibly are making such precious memories!

    1. thank you so much! it's a trip to remember for sure!

  3. A lot of precious love here! Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. My son-in-law is from Marysville, OH and now lives here in Charlotte with us. He still goes back often and always comes home with adventures. My daughter has formed some fond memories too of Ohio with his family who is all still there. Enjoyed your photos and stories.

    1. hi!! you are the sweetest. I have family and friends in Marysville! and I moved from Columbus! I love both places so much. thank you so much for your kind words and hope you and your family are doing well