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a mother's day gift guide

sometimes it's hard to put into words the depth of the word, 'mother.' i have been blessed with a wonderful, loving mom in my life - along with so many other inspirational women. last year i found out that my lifelong dream of becoming a mom was coming true just five days before mother's day. it was very special. a year later and i am so fulfilled by motherhood. every day with parks is a dream come true. we have the most fun. being a mom has been my most favorite thing ever. not because that's how i was told to feel. not because being a mom is better than being a lawyer or a doctor or an artist or whatever. and not because i was biologically wired that way. i am just so in love and so fulfilled by motherhood and feel so honored to get to do it. 
out to lunch this week at a new favorite spot 
can't wait to share this new spot, too
sleeping on mom last night

not all days are full of the good stuff but no matter what each day involves, i constantly feel like i need to pinch myself. everything i have ever wished for is now present in my heart. although some days are hard, i am constantly aware that these are the best days; these are the moments that i will look back on later in my life and will sincerely miss. i am trying to not miss a single drop. i am just so in love with being this boy's mama, being this man's wife, doing what i do, living where i live, and loving these boys that i love so much. 
wishing you all a happy early mother's day 
looking for a gift to show your love on may 8? 
here are some ideas that i simply love:
{#1 is a cutting board with a special person's recipe card on it - in their handwriting!}
all gifts are under $100!
send a bouquet of flowers from farmgirl flowers
i love their entire concept!
create a fun, personalized calendar with a wood holder
idea inspired by the glitter guide's photo gift ideas
a diy tutorial for this cute piece
these are too fabulous
especially if your mom has a green thumb like my mom does
we usually do something small and meaningful for her 
that is what she has always loved most.
these sweet candles
i love the idea of a bar or circle necklace with your babes' names
bonnie + bud - my favorite local gift box shop
has the cutest boxes
and the owner is the BEST to work with! 
they ship to other cities and i highly recommend them 
what do you love to give your mom? 
and if you had to describe your mom's legacy/what you remember most about her when you were a child, what would it be? 
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  1. That cutting board is SO neat! I love the idea AND I need a new cutting board...

    1. i love the idea of having the handwriting of a loved one's recipe on a cutting board! it's so precious to me!