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a grateful heart

 a grateful heart: 
- i received the most overwhelming response to my post on social media last week regarding breastfeeding: love is best. wow, wow, wow. i wish i could send every single gal a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and am so grateful. i plan to pray about it and see where april takes me and then i might have to make a decision based on what is best for our family. i came down with mastitis again saturday morning and it completely wiped me out. i want to continue... but the pain, itching, exhaustion, and flu-like symptoms are becoming very overwhelming. i want to be the best mom i can be because parks deserves that and as sad as it is to possibly quit, i feel like this will hinder my ability to be calm, rested, and as happy as possible for my boy. 
- food trucks and coconut craft brews
- meeting new people 
- listening to the avett brothers 
- quiet porch moments on rainy mornings 
- baby toms 
- books - used and new! 
sweet, sweet people in my life. 
- cotton candy sunsets 
- popcorn 
a friend came over for about three hours friday morning and brought lots of treats including mini bundt cakes from nothing bundt cakes in town and it was love at first sight. yum. the cinnamon ones were my favorite
baby wearing 
- reading books to parks every morning and before bed - it's such a special time. he loves it. 
food truck friday with friends 
live music + market lights are always a good idea 
still loving our solly baby wrap
boo bear slept on me for three hours at the brewery - so soundly. 
my friends love him so much, too. melts my heart. 
they are like family to me in charlotte 
here is the cinnamon mini bundt cake
also, i am currently reading the book, brooklyn
have you read it? thoughts?
...excited to watch the movie afterwards...
what is your heart grateful for this week?
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