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ten dresses for spring

good morning! i am joining karli of september farm for her new link-up, 10 on tuesday! 

i am a dress gal through and through... i love florals, neutrals lace, and almost any type of fit. today, i thought i would share my ten favorites for this spring. 

however, i have recently discovered madewell's jeans and they have been a game-changer for me. so comfortable and a perfect fit. plus, if you bring -any- old pair of jeans in {even after you buy/with a receipt} you get $20 off {per jean}.

what do you think? which dress is your favorite? 
also, where is your favorite place to shop for cute, affordable spring dresses?
lastly, my baby boy is now two months old today! 
look for an update soon- he's the best thing that ever happened in my life.
sleeping on momma 
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  1. i loooove the last one...but since i'm only 5'5" i think i'd have to get it hemmed up!

  2. Ohhh I'm a sucker for Anthro dresses! The only problem is that I'm short and so I can rarely find dresses that fit well without needing to be majorly tailored!
    -- Lisa | Naptime Chai

  3. Gorgeous dresses. I love a flowy dress for the summer. I'm only 5 ft tall so I didn't think I could wear long flowy dresses but I found one last year that was gorgeous and I wore it to every single event we went to. Two weddings and my rehearsal dinner. I'm definitely looking for more this summer. I love the ruche one and the long anthropologie one.

    Happy two months to sweet baby Parks, too! He's just the cutest. I definitely have baby fever!

  4. I love your picks! The Ruche dress with the laser cuts is simply gorgeous! I'm always browsing through Marshalls or TJMaxx for fun dresses! That's usually where my mom and I go to pick up our Easter outfits!
    Alysia Ave