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simply loving

thank you all for the love and prayers regarding my post yesterday 
you have no idea how much it means to me. 

link love: 
+ to the mom up in the middle of the night 
+ mudslide ice cream to turn up a party 
+ 8 after-pregnancy side effects i still suffer from 
+ 10 things children will always remember 
+ 18 twists on buffalo chicken 
+ cardboard fun
+ 22 lemon desserts with a twist 
+ to the mom who forgot herself
+ get a sneak peek of chip and joanna's new bakery {how much do you love these two?!}
+ 11 vacation ideas from the best movies of the year 

artifact uprising: 
i adore everything about this photo site
the style and the products 
they offer a lot of cute books and square prints for your instagram photos
the warm textured eggshell cover and recycled pages make them even better!
i discovered this amazing site at natalie's mom's night out
the watches and apparel are all so beautiful 
if you are interested, you can use this link to receive 15% off! 
they have an extraordinary mission and donate a lot to charity 
they want to engrain themselves into a community that builds and serves others 
do you print your instagram photos? 

if so, what site do you love most?
...i am inspired to create an insta wall in our home...
come say hi - instagram . facebook . twitter . bloglovin  

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