parks james | two months | olive june

parks james | two months

two months has been a sweet spot for baby parks. he is almost always happy and loves to coo, giggle, and smile. besides the scare with his head {which is going away/shrinking every day} it's been a wonderful month with him. overall, parks seems to be laid back and steals my heart a little more every day. i decided to wait until two months to get detailed with his monthly updates... last month he pretty much slept and ate whenever he wanted! however, i plan to document the next eleven months in more detail. 
clothing size | some three month but mainly six-nine month clothing

diaper size | size two by the honest company- also love their wipes! {however, we started cloth diapering this week with grovia hybrids and i really love it so far!! any advice? especially with washing/keeping them nice? due to my c-section recovery and constant infections with nursing, we are late to start but are hoping to do it when we are home {and possibly out, too} to both save money and to be more eco-friendly as a family. 
nicknames | parksie and boo bear 

health | he has been perfectly healthy! thank goodness {except for the fluid scare on his head- which ended up being nothing serious- again, thank goodness!!!}
sleep | he's a great sleeper! parks goes to bed anywhere between 7:30-9pm and likes to sleep until around 7am. normally he wakes up once- maybe twice- to eat and then goes right back to sleep on his own. he sleeps in an adorable handmade bassinet next to our bed. {my friend's mother-in-law from spain made it} when did you move your baby to their room/crib? i am thinking next month but am not sure yet. i plan to move him to his crib for naps soon. he usually takes a nap in the morning and then a longer one in the afternoon. he still loves to be swaddled in the larger version of a 'blankets and beyond' wrap for naps. it's so warm and snuggly. he seriously loves blankets like his momma. we have also tried the baby merlin's magic sleepsuit and the nested bean baby swaddle for overnight and he seems to love both of them! however, i think the magic sleepsuit has been the most successful so far. he loves to sleep with his hands over his head and when i stand over him in the morning, he always gives me the biggest smile. cutest thing ever. i love to peek in on him on his monitor while he sleeps and absolutely love having him next to me while we sleep.
diet | parks is an excellent eater! he loves to eat and never misses a meal. however, nursing has brought several issues for us and it's been difficult for me to accept. it hasn't been anything like i had hoped and imagined. i have been doing a ton of research and reached out to my amazing lactation consultant again this week, but would love some advice from experienced moms? ... because i would love nothing more than to go back to nursing {instead of pumping all the time}. due to two infections that were painful/itchy and lasted about two weeks each, i have been mainly pumping. i have a huge oversupply and baby boy doesn't seem to want to nurse at this point {maybe one out of every five sessions} :( do any of you have success with re-starting at nine weeks? anything to give me hope?! i am willing to put extra effort in if there are stories of success. i love that he is getting breastmilk but this is not what i had envisioned and it breaks my heart. i am trying to remind myself to be positive and accept what comes my way... however, if you have any tips, i would greatly appreciate anything! i am planning on doing a 'nursing vacation' this week with lots of skin to skin and not much time away from home {besides a daily walk} thank you in advance! 
loves |
rock n' play
bear lovey
natursutten binky
the second half of bath time
car seat/car rides
animal play mat
his hands
rides and sleeping in his bassinet on our bugaboo stroller
rides in the mama roo
bright lights 
mommy's crazy songs all day long
being worn
and milk- lots of milk. 
dislikes | 
it takes a lot to upset him but being sleepy and hungry make him upset most
and the first few seconds of bath time
when he realizes that bath time is actually kind of cool and the tears stop!

milestones | he becomes stronger all the time and can hold his head up pretty well. he can also grip soft toys and loves to hold hands 
things i want to remember |
- watching him learn new things every day
- the way he buries his face in my neck when he is ready to go to sleep
- the coos and smiles
- the way he kicks his legs in excitement
- the way he clenches my finger in the car when dad is driving
- how he follows me around the room with his eyes 
- rocking him and telling him about all of the things and adventures we had together when he was in my belly
- the quietness of morning 
- his small baby toes 
- parks voted for the first time with mom! 
- how he sticks his little tongue out for photos 
- the way he smells after bath time 
- our precious time we were able to spend with mimi 
march 15, 2016 
sleeping on mom
my mom placed him on me like this and it took my breath away 
that cute tongue 
his two month check-up with mimi
we LOVE our pediatrician 
if you live in charlotte and would like to know more- please feel free to message/email me!
lots of spring walks around our beautiful city 
he never lost much of his hair like i thought he would... it's mainly dark brown now versus black and his eyes are going to be either light brown or hazel i think. his hair seems to be growing more and more- a cute baby mohawk in the process 
smitten with the bitty baby toes 
reading with mommy
--birth stats--
weight | 9 pounds 6 ounces
height | 22 inches
head | 14 inches

--one month stats--
weight | 11 pounds 3 ounces {80th percentile}
height | 22.5 inches {92th percentile}
head | 97th percentile 
--two month stats--

weight | 13 pounds 14 ounces {81st percentile}
height | 23.5 inches {68th percentile}
head | 97th percentile 
{several people have reached out to me about our monthly milestone blanket- it's from batzkids}
so excited to see what month three brings

and again, if you have any advice for returning to nursing or cloth diapering, please comment would really mean so much to me! 
and thank you in advance 

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  1. What a precious little guy! I don't have any tips for returning to nursing...Max went through a bit of a nursing strike when he was around 5 months old and only wanted bottles, but he eventually came back around to nursing after a week or two. Hopefully your nursing vacation will help! One of my friends (who now lives in Charlotte!) wasn't able to nurse her baby girl because she was so tiny at birth (born 3 weeks early), but she exclusively pumped for nearly a year and even though it wasn't ideal, she still was able to give her gal breastmilk for a good amount of time. If it comes to that, I could put you in touch with her for tips on how to navigate the exclusive pumping lifestyle. Regardless, you have a pretty special guy there!

  2. Oh gosh he is so sweet!!! I also cloth diaper :) I actually used GroVia Hybrids exclusively with Scarlett but started having troubles with them leaking (I hope this doesn't happen to you) I changed my wash routine a million times over, tried stripping them, using different soaps, etc. and finally chalked it up to them just not fitting her properly. I do love the system though. This time around I had a friend give me some bum Genius diapers (I had a few of them with Scarlett too) and I love them so much! I still use my GroVia's but the Bum Genius's are my favorite now! :)

    There's a website called cloth diaper university and it's great for going over wash routines, the best soaps to use and troubleshooting!! You should check it out! XO

  3. That little smile is so sweet!!

  4. Such precious photos <3

    Edye //

  5. Oh! I love the pictures you've taken of your little guy! I regret not taking any pictures like that when my daughter was that little! This next one, I will be much more prepared! Thanks for sharing and giving me inspiration!

  6. His little smile is so precious! I'm having the same sort of nursing issues, so no advice, just hugs. The important thing is that we're doing everything we can to take the best care of them!

  7. My two luckily never had s nursing strike but just get in all the skin to skin time you can get and just offer to him at least once or twice a day!!! Nursing is tough in the beginning but you two will get the hang of it! He's so precious!!

  8. Nursing is "more work" for the baby than a bottle is - we didn't introduce a bottle until 6 weeks with Declan for that reason. However Dawson had to take bottles in the NICU, so we did both from day one. I had over supply as well, and one of the things the NICU had me do was pump for 2-3 minutes before nursing him - my flow was too fast for him. So try pumping for a minute or two to relieve some pressure, and then nurse. Also, nurse leaning back so he can control the speed of his eating rather than gravity doing the work. I'd try nursing when he is hungriest too - morning wake up? Hope some of this helps!