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natalie's mom's night out - celebrate motherhood

i felt so honored to be able to attend natalie's {of at home with natalie} 'mom's night out' last saturday evening. it was so lovely- full of spirituality and creativity. everyone was so friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere was just so beautiful. it was evident that natalie had put so much heart and soul into the evening; creating such an incredible spirit. the night included an italian dinner, drinks/coffee, diy projects, raffle prizes, wonderful speakers, games, small group sessions, a dessert bar, dancing, a candy/popcorn bar, photo tips, and one extraordinary swag bag. most importantly, i left feeling so inspired... it was just what i needed {especially as a new mom of only six weeks}. thankful that i was able to attend... 
she truly has the most beautiful heart!

natalie posted on instagram
Whenever I get a mic I kind of feel like I need to do a dance lol (same with periscope... I always want to start with a dance ha) At my #nataliesmomsnightout I shared with the moms my heart on wanting to be a joyful mom even when I feel burdened and stressed! God called us to motherhood and sometimes it can feel like ok, what were you thinkingg?? Haha But He knows you and exactly what you are capable of and the amazing work you are and will do as a mother. You are his beloved daughter and He is walking through this with you! But sometimes we don’t feel up to the task right? We feel like we just can’t do it all and we feel the joy sucked out of us. We struggle to find the joy when our kids are all sick, not sleeping, constantly in timeout or when we have a million to dos or the laundry is taking over…..I shared with a friend recently who was going through a sad and overwhelming time that she needed to actively look for joy each day. And after I said that I realized we all need that! We all need to actively look for the joy in our life and ways we can be grateful. Motherhood is challenging but I invite you to join me today in trying to remember the gift our families are to us.

We will never find true happiness in worldly things or our own accomplishments... But If we put our satisfaction in Jesus and see every task as ways we can glorify Him...we can find that joy and happiness in knowing His purpose for us! Sometimes when I'm having the hardest days, I try to step back and see the big picture. Trust in Him, in the middle of those hard and exhausting moments, and you'll have the freedom to find joy! Freedom sounds good to me....I don't want to be a burdened mama and I'm pretty sure you all want the same! I encourage you to join me in seeing our day to day moments as concrete ways we can respond to His call to us as moms and daughters.
sometimes you meet people and right away you just love them 
that's how i felt about her
her smile and warmness were both so genuine. 
what i walked away with: 

+ as moms, it is our calling to lift one another up and not compare/bring one another down
+ everything we say makes a difference and will create an 'inner voice' in our kids
+ one of the speakers, a mom of five {loved her} mentioned how instagram has allowed her to stop and notice beautiful moments in her kids' lives more; to praise more. she created an instagram wall in her home and they all love it. a perfect way to remember what is most important in life. 
+ becky of your modern family/ a mom of four had so many inspiring tips and stories {they melted my heart} regarding 'positive parenting.' 
1. her and her husband have a strict 7pm bedtime to allow for time together - however, based on the day of the month that the child was born {parks' would be on the 15th of every month for january 15} that child is allowed to stay up late with his/her parents. they talk and connect by playing a game, taking a walk, going to the park, taking a bike ride. in addition, their bedtime prayer {i loved that my parents prayed with us every evening when i was a kid- and before dinner} is different than on other nights. on this special night, the parents say three specific things that they are thankful for regarding that child. i thought this idea was priceless. it allows you to spend quality time with that child through one on one time and also teaches them the importance of being thankful at the same time. 
2. when you have told your child five times to empty the dishwasher and they still haven't listened... instead of saying something like, 'oh my gosh- you are so lazy- empty the dishwasher!!!' say... 'you are so quick at emptying the dishwasher- can you please do it now.' especially for children that are wired like i was/who remember almost eVerYthIng... if you use the first phrase, that word 'lazy' will stick with them for a long time. 
3. she shared a story about how her brother tried her philosophy of positive comments for two weeks and then forgot throughout the third week. he would tell his child that he was proud of him by using various positive words of encouragement. after the third week {and after not saying anything for a week} he said to his boy, 'daddy is...?' expecting him to say 'awesome' or 'nice' or 'cool' and instead he said, 'proud of me.' so, so touching. i loved this. 
+ to be obedient to God is better than to sacrifice 
+ always remind yourself who made you. 
+ try to do a 'brain dump' frequently- where you turn off technology and put away your 'to-do' lists for a period of time. as a result, you will be able to hear the Lord better than if you are always in a busy state of mind. 
+ plan out a google calendar in advance {we do this and it helps so much with communication! plus, you can color code - which makes my heart pretty happy.}
+ sometimes we are go-go-go and instead, need to be no-no-no. always listen to your heart and what is best for your family. if it's not urgent, let it go if you can. 
+ embrace where you are in your life at this time. 
+ mom guilt is often our own issues building up... when we are unrealistic, ungrateful or when things from the past affect us. {so true!} 
+ instead of judging and comparing ourselves - be kind. 
+ remember that even though someone else is in another 'lane' that is different than yours... do not let these accomplishments bring you down- instead, honor and be happy for that person. {yes!! this has been my mindset regarding social media for years and it has left me with a more peaceful and grateful outlook. instead of bringing jealously into my heart- i am usually inspired. much better. <3} 
these plates and cute plant hoop art pieces were two of my favorite raffle prizes 
the chandelier! loved. 
there was a black wall with strings 
each mom wrote a tag about what they love most about motherhood
reading these was a beautiful moment for me. 
diy yarn garland 
diy felt pasta for kids 
all photos are natalie's 
bottom left is from morgan {adored her!!!} - bottom right is mine :) 
so many delicious desserts! 
the aMaZinG speakers!!! 
check out natalie's tutorial for this fabulous name tag pallet display
and last but not least, we got one incredible swag bag!!! 
this was one of my favorite parts: 
and then i came home to this: 
looking forward to the next event! 
it was just so wonderful. 
i missed my boy so much but am constantly striving for balance 
and this was the perfect event for me to attend. 
thank you again, natalie! 
snuggles with baby bear this morning 
parks wishes you a wonderful weekend
any fun plans? 
i have been simply loving yogurt, granola, and fruit for breakfast
an almond joy granola recipe coming soon!
lastly, the winner of my newborn giveaway
kelly daniel of primarily inspired
{congrats!!! i had the biggest smile when your name popped up- she is due right now with a baby boy and i have loved following her journey! sending love and prayers for a healthy delivery!}
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  1. Mom;s night out sounds AND looks seriously amazing! What a great thing to be a part of.

    1. it really was! :) loved every second of it! thank you, darcy!

  2. That sounds like a truly wonderful evening. Thanks for sharing your notes. I really like the idea of letting the kids take turns staying up on the date they were born.

    1. it was so wonderful and that was one of my favorite parts of the night- such a great idea!!

  3. I'm not even a mom, and this whole event sounded truly inspiring and encouraging. So glad you were able to get that burst of joy and light. When I have kids I hope I find things like this.... or host them myself!

    1. :) such a great idea! i hope you can do both! thank you so much for stopping in and hope your week is going well!