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my favorite books for baby + parks' first road trip

as a little girl- i loved books more than anything in the world. seriously. my mom and dad read to me every night before we prayed together and i remember always wanting {begging} for 'one more!',  i rode my bike to the library almost daily, and loved to explore bookstores when we traveled to the 'big city' almost an hour away. it was paradise. therefore, starting a collection of books for baby was so important to me. we have received so many generous gifts and books since last may. one of my favorites was a basket from my neighborhood book club that said 'baby monaco' on a chalkboard attached to the basket - which was full of everyone's favorite childhood book. it was so precious. here are some of my favorite books for baby. if you have a baby shower coming up, i recommend putting one on top of your instead of a card. {a personalized message inside is always a meaningful touch and will be very fun to read in the years ahead!}
the giving tree: such a classic and beautiful story 

don't let the pigeon drive the bus: super cute storyline and illustrations 

black on white: great for the first few months when babies usually thrive on black/white patterns! they make white on black and a few other versions as well 

i'd know you anywhere, my love: warning: will produce tears! a gorgeous book- i love it. 

mommy hugs: a student sent this to my doorstep on christmas eve morning- meant the world. 

if i could keep you little: absolutely adorable and something we read daily together {might be my new go-to for friends!} i could relate to the storyline so much earlier on {and now!}

where the sidewalk ends: my absolute favorite as a child~ one of my bridesmaids/a friend since elementary school gave it to us at my baby shower with the most thoughtful note inside 

on the night you were born: again, do not read too early! will definitely produce tears! i read it to him on his two week birthday and bawled. i love this book and it's beautiful storyline. rachel of little blue sailboat sent us a copy and we are very grateful! 

good night north carolina: i love to give these to my friends in charlotte who grew up in another state {charlotte is a huge transplant city} giving them a little piece of home! there are several states available 

we're going on a bear hunt: i remember singing this song at summer camps and in classrooms as a child so this book also holds a lot of meaning to me. and it's a great storyline for kids! 
my siblings and cousin sent us different versions of this interactive book by jellycat 
parks already loves these! 
a great one for dada!

+ parks' first road trip
parks and i headed to greenville, south carolina around 4pm yesterday to surprise a dear friend... i grew up with her and love her to pieces. we were texting monday evening when she mentioned going to the community tap with friends for food trucks + drinks to celebrate her birthday and i instantly thought, 'i am going to surprise her!!"  her reaction was priceless and we had a great time. over the years i have become very close with several of her friends there and love, LOVE going to that quaint and fabulous city for a visit as often as i can. she was so grateful and has the sweetest soul {in life you go above and beyond for these types of people} she has been a huge supporter of me during every stage of life and i adore her kindness and strong spirituality- we love you! 
food trucks + beautiful blooms on a spring day 
you are so loved, renee 
{please ignore the babes' scary eyes :(} 
parks loved meeting baby jaq 
she was born on 1.1.16 and is so beautiful 
a pit stop for a bottle for the little boy with the baby mohawk 
and starbuck's for mom
{one of my favs: a grande half caff. {for baby} cinnamon dolce latte with skim milk}
we threw on a cardigan sweater and moccs when we got there 
he was such a good boy! {despite not really getting his normal afternoon nap}
he slept the whole way home and then eight hours straight for the second night in a row!!!
yay baby 
bird onesie + sandals: old navy 
jeans: target

a nursery scene: 
 "on the night you were born, 
you brought wonder and magic to the world. 
the moon stayed up till morning. 
polar bears danced.
life will never be the same
because there had never been 
anyone like you...
ever in the world."

what's your favorite book for baby?

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  1. All such great books! My kinders all loved the Pigeon books, and now Max loves "The Pigeon Needs a Bath." We read it last night after his bath! So glad you love "On the Night You Were Born" (but sorry it made you cry!). It's still a favorite in our house! xoxo

  2. I totally hate The Giving Tree!! Oh man. I got into a legit argument in a book group once about this book. To me, it's a terrible lesson in letting someone just take and take from you until you have nothing left to give, and how they never really appreciate you. It's the total opposite of what I teach my kids, which is to not let people only be your friend when they need something. End rant. LOL. :)

    But I do really love the book Someday, and I can't remember the author right now. We also love The Day The Crayons Quit, (and the sequel that just came out), and anything by Sandra Boynton. Her books are so fun to read and even my older kids got excited that I still had them and pulled them out when Penelope was born.

  3. Reading to Jack at night is quickly becoming one of my favorite things in the world!