march goals | olive june

march goals

+ friends + family: 
- attend book club
- spend quality time with my mom when she visits this month 
- meet up with friends i have not seen since baby arrived 

+ romance + love: 
- go on a date 
- leave little notes of appreciation 

+ health: 
- continue researching essential oils/natural living {i met up with four other friends last night and talked about organic/holistic lifestyle approaches for about four hours- it was inspiring and super fun- they are the most genuine and sweet girls- so thankful to have met them!} hoping to share my journey with you all... it's a little overwhelming right now as i begin the transition- again, any advice is greatly appreciated. 
- get back into hot yoga {yay!!}
- walk at least once a day 
- eat more veggies
- daily cup of hot tea 

+ self love: 
- write down three things i am grateful for every day 
- read a {non-baby} book 
- get a massage 
- a few bubble baths per week 

+ home: 
- continue to declutter and organize 
- begin meal prepping on sunday afternoons 

+ baby parks: 
- continue nursing {despite my second infection/lots of pain- i am not giving up yet!} 
- begin sleep routines 
- give no less than one million kisses and snuggles per day

+ fun + adventure: 
- get takeout
- go to a local festival 
- celebrate st. patrick's day 

+ legacy: 
- limit phone time 
- pray every morning, let go of things i can not control, and go to mass every week 
- do a random act of kindness for someone in need 
do you set monthly goals? 
if so, what are you focusing on this month? 
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