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easter treats + parks' easter basket

this is the first year that i get to play easter bunny! i am excited to fill parks' basket with a few little goodies. he will only be ten weeks old- so it's going to be very simple! so i decided to share some favorites for your little bunnies. growing up, we usually received either a few small toys, a pair of spring pajamas, a coloring book, a movie, bubbles, plastic eggs, play-doh, stickers, sidewalk chalk, etc. i loved reese's eggs and my sister loved the carton of pastel bubble gum- you know the one where the eggs are super juicy for about five seconds and then are completely bland! ha. there were usually extras of our favorites in our basket. 

i loved going to my grandma's farmhouse after easter mass and celebrating with my mom's family by eating deviled eggs, ham, wearing our lace bonnets/socks, floral dresses, and going out to the back porch with my cousins to see all eleven baskets lined up with small treats. we had a large piece of land to hunt... you started out on the farmhouse side and then eventually were big enough to venture over to the 'big yard.' my sister and cousin, scott, were born a month apart and were often pretty competitive out there; however, i have never really had that side... so i think i would just stare at them in amazement as they viscously hustled for the most eggs. :) my grandma would play games with us like 'ring around the rosey' and drop the clothes pins in the glass jar. 
oh, the memories. to be a kid on the farm. 

here are some cute options for this easter: 
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 67 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 
this is over my 'easter bunny budget' 
{i am so going to be the tooth fairy that gives $1 per tooth and a $2 bill for the front teeth}
isn't that enough for a kid? 
i feel like it's not about the amount but the excitement of receiving something from the fun fairy?
{i have heard some crazy amounts these days? thoughts?!}
anyway, i love this teepee from the land of nod - maybe for christmas?
which will probably be around the time that we start to create a permanent play area in our home
i have seen several teepees but this one is my favorite for our future kids to play and explore in 
on another note, baby parks is starting to get rolls on his thighs and i am beyond excited! 
baby boy loves his jellycats
astleigh of hill collection sent us this cute sleeper when she found out we were expecting last may
it's from old navy is one of my favorites 
i hope to share the easter basket that i plan to use for years to come soon for parks- it's precious.
 however, i discovered it too late on etsy and it won't be here in time for this easter
but next year is perfect- when he is hopefully running around picking up eggs with his cousins
this year, i am going to put a few small things in this bunny tote 
which we can use year round 
they are $17 on etsy and are too cute, right?!
{order before march 18 to have it by this easter!}

when our kids are older, i love the idea of using these wire baskets from h&m
a cute idea for a newborn/small baby
a beautiful teething necklace for mom that benefits baby as well 

cute games: 
mr. monaco as a little boy with a basket 
will parks look like this in a few years?
parks and i have been jamming to music all day lately 

 our spring playlist: 
yellow- coldplay
every once in awhile - blackhawk
peace train - cat stevens
american anthem - norah jones
you should be here- cole swindell
dirt- florida georgia line
jolene- ray lamontagne
amie- pure praire league
another country- tift merritt
moon river- the innocence mission 
lastly, my hometown never ceases to amaze me with their loving and giving hearts
when you are going through a joyous or stressful time 
they reach out in the masses.
i am truly so thankful to have such a loving and supportive community- for life. 
i was raised there and left almost nine years ago
but they are always there for me no matter what
and that leaves me feeling so grateful 
because isn't that what life is all about? 
being there for your loved ones 
and always having a kind heart. 
{i read this article this week on facebook and all of them applied- so funny. 
my hometown church- st. michael's catholic church 
where everyone in the town gathered together each week 
also, thank you all for the sweet comments about our birth story yesterday!
what are your favorite things to add to your kids' easter baskets?

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  1. LOVE that teepee! And I'm so excited to make an Easter basket this year!

    1. isn't it so cute! and yay!! it's already so fun - haha

  2. I bought that dog head from Target for Max's room and Victor was so creeped out by it he made me return it! :o( Max liked it and was concerned when the dog went missing from his room. I love all your ideas for Easter. I need to get crackin' on Max's basket!

    1. awe, i love it!! haha so funny he thought it was creepy! the puppy is my fav. and can't wait to see what you include and thank you!! xo

  3. These ideas are absolutely adorable! I think I'm going to have to order that bunny tote!

    1. thank you so much!! and that tote- so many heart eyes!!!

  4. Those bunny totes are too much! Love them!

  5. First off, I went down memory lane when you mentioned the Easter gum your sister loved...I did too! Love your Easter ideas for Parks. Holidays with kids are so much fun and getting toes the joy in their eyes when they get older is the best! I work at a Library and we wanted a teepee for a reading nook. We loved the Land of Nod one but budget issues had us looking around for a better deal. Found a great one at Amazon that is actually bigger! Thanks for linking up with me!

    1. hi! thank you so much!! haha- that gum! SO good for one hot second. and such a great idea! i thought about going on amazon and getting a white one {i saw one last week for $99} and then putting my own tassels/boho touch? thank you for the advice as well... have a great weekend!!

  6. Clicking over from Thinking Out Loud. Parks is such a precious baby, and I look forward to reading your blog. Great Easter basket ideas for little ones!

    1. hi! thank you so, so much! i look forward to checking out your blog and have a great day!

  7. Parks is so cute in his sleeper! I love seeing that sweet boy in it and having a full circle moment from almost a year ago! Also, Pete and I were just talking today about a teepee from the Land of Nod for Greer for Christmas, and the one you shared is lovely! #styletwins

    1. :) thank you! we love that sleeper!! he's so long that it's not going to happen for much longer but i have been savoring it! one of my favs- thank you again! and isn't that the cutest teepee, style twin! have a great weekend- love the hour by hour!!! i MIGHT be able to do it this weekend!! :) lots going on though... but yay. keep the photos of greer girl coming

  8. Good Morning to my new favorite blogger! These images are beautiful and I love the ideas here for Easter. Your precious baby is beautiful and so photogenic. Thanks for bringing him to my party this week. I could just kiss those little baby cheeks. Happy weekend.

  9. These are all such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing on Meetup Monday!