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diy easter egg decorating ideas

one of my favorite traditions as a little girl was coloring eggs with my mom, dad, and sister... and then helping my little brother down the road {he is eight and a half years younger than me}. there was also the one year that we colored eggs with one of our favorite babysitters and unfortunately the event ended with staining the carpet yellow forever. whoops. i don't think my parents liked coming home to that very much. it was usually a joyous time though... my sister and i loved to do this together and when they created the white crayon and stickers... things got even better. as an adult, i also adore all of the creative options out there. i gathered some of my favorite diy ideas to share with you today. i hope to create some pretty eggs before sunday~ i would love to know below what your favorite option is! 
black + white love 
so creative!! 
oh, so adorable! 
{via bhg
calligraphed eggs
photo print eggs~ so, so cute! right?!
i always love glitter eggs! especially gold on a simple tree branch
or learn how to fold these sweet bunny napkins
these are so beautiful!!
this look from shabby apple is so gorgeous for easter/spring! 
which design is your favorite? 
on another note, i am thinking about buying a used/refurbished macbook pro laptop
have you ever done this? any recommendations? 
speaking of spilling yellow egg dye above, i sadly spilt a pumpkin spice latte on ours last september at starbuck's {thank you, clumsy pregnancy genes!!} and it was ruined. a lesson learned in a very hard way. i will never place the mug parallel to the keyboard again! i miss my coffee shop writing and being able to move throughout the house and blog. please let me know if you have any advice!
...hope your week is going well...
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  1. I always loved decorating easter eggs when I was little!! There are so many awesome things to try!!! I love the face decal ones!! =) Maybe I'll squeeze in a little egg decorating fun in the next few days!! =) Thanks for the inspiration!

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. the pantone eggs are so dang cute.

  3. I absolutely love the first DIY and then the hand lettering ones :) While they are ALL stunning, those are definitely my favorites! Thank you for sharing...and HAPPY EASTER!

    -xx Anna

  4. These are all so fun!! I actually used a sharpie on some of our eggs this year and they turned out so cool.

  5. I hope you have better luck than me with a refurbished MacBook mine died two weeks after purchase never to revive again. So sad! These are all such beautiful ideas! My favorite is the gold glitter eggs.