currently {3.11.16} | olive june

currently {3.11.16}

thinking | as i have mentioned, we have been slowly discarding items and cleaning every section of our home, our nest. we are on a mission to hopefully achieve a simpler lifestyle. i also mentioned earlier this week about the book i have been reading, the life-changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo and how i definitely think it will be life-changing for our family. i hope to share the process in more detail on here soon. it's been very eye-opening. i love a tidy and organized space but am not a minimalist. i enjoy eclectic goods that make up a home and appreciate special heirlooms; i enjoy a cozy and personalized atmosphere. i plan to work really hard over the next few months until our home is one that feels just right for us. there is still lots of work to be done; however, a more serene lifestyle is awaiting {which i have already noticed by organizing just a few closets/spaces}

pondering | about our appointment with the neurosurgeon monday morning... i can't stop thinking about it and have had a huge pit in my stomach every second of this week. please pray everything is just fine- and thank you again for everything so far. this is one extraordinary community.

needing | continuous balance in life and to be kind to myself. carrying a baby, delivering a baby, feeding/taking care of a baby are all difficult at times and i need to let go of any current 'mom guilt' and tell myself that i am doing the very best that i can. i want to make time for my husband, family, friends, hobbies, our nest, and son - and the only way i can do that effectively is to take time for myself from time to time {and to be as guilt-free as possible at the same time}. last night i went to a new wine bar with three other friends in my book club and had the best time- we laughed, ordered appetizers and yummy desserts (we are all nursing! so yes!! to sweets), crisp glasses of red wine, the playlist was amazing and we talked about motherhood {and the book, of course} but it was wonderful and much needed. i loved it.

listening | emiliana torrini has been most popular on my pandora feed this week - however, yesterday i shared some of the tunes that parks and i have been rocking out to lately...

dreaming | about hopefully receiving positive news at our appointment monday. it's really all i can think about right now. i am going to try and keep my mind busy this weekend with food truck friday, errands, walks, a st. patty's day cookout, a baby shower, and more purging/organizing and cleaning.

swooning | over my baby's big brown {or possibly green/hazel?} eyes- they are big and beautiful and get me every time.
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Isaiah 41:10  fear not, for I am with you;  be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you,  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
wishing you a wonderful weekend!
any fun plans? 
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  1. I wish you positive thoughts and best of luck for next week!!! I hope your lil guy is okay! =)