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i wanted to share a new journey i recently started and love with you all. many of you know the two adorable sisters, elsie and emma, of a beautiful mess and if you don't... please do yourself a huge favor and rush over and check out their absolutely stunning blog. i have admired and adored these two midwestern gals for years now. in addition to their blog, they also offer amazing shop items/products and a series of online classes to learn and connect with their fabulous team. the classes offered range from helping you with crafting, photography, diy techniques, cooking, and blogging. it's been a great experience for me so far! i enrolled in the overgramming and blog life courses. shop all the classes here 
for fun, i am answering the questions the team answered on their intro page:
spirit animal: house cat
go-to road snack: sour patch kids and peanut butter crackers
favorite movie: pretty in pink 
celebrity crush: audrey hepburn 
guilty pleasure: browsing thrift stores and hazelnut lattes 
non-blog hobby: hot yoga 
childhood hero: pippi longstocking, mary poppins, and mary anne from the babysitter's club 
i can't wait to share more about my experience with you all soon! 
anyone want to join me? 
i started doing a book similar to this when i was pregnant with parks
and am excited to continue... they are so inspirational! 
all photos are from a beautiful mess 
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  1. So fun! I looked at their photography tips the other day and ordered some light reflectors/diffusers after seeing their suggestions. I'd be interested in learning more from them...they are so talented!

  2. Oh goodness! This just speaks to me and my heart, of course your entire blog does but my goals are to get better with all social media and blogging. I can't wait to check these fabulous ladies, their blog, and their classes out. P.S.-antiquing is becoming a new found hobby and love of mine, too!

  3. ahhhhh to have the life of a house cat ;)