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a grateful heart

my mom left this afternoon and we miss her already. 
...i took a mini break to spend more time with her...
it's so hard being far apart from your family 
-now that i have a little boy- 
a baby we all love so much. 
seeing her sad to leave breaks my heart 
however, i savored every moment spent with my mom over the past six days
we love to just stroll and see where the day takes us
we don't usually make plans and just go from place to place 
we enjoyed coffee dates, delicious food, shops/boutiques, cooking, relaxing, downton abbey binge watching {we finished it yesterday- loved.} bakeries, wine chats, spring walks, and an italian dinner out with mr. monaco friday evening
my heart is grateful for:

- a happy baby boy who has stolen every piece of my heart
- a supportive and loving momma- we have grown so close over the past two months/the beginning of my motherhood experience~ and i cherish our times together so very much. 
- mint green nail polish 
- our shopping trips... we are open to almost any type of store and love to just browse and try on clothes together {we had the stroller in our dressing room in anthropologie- along with two complimentary glasses prosecco - it was so fun/special!} 
- north carolina is such a beautiful state~ constant blue skies and an abundance of gorgeous trees and flowers- welcome spring! 
- lattes 
- caramel salted brownie torts
- coconut milk 
- fresh flowers
- lettuce wraps
- homemade chili and mexican cornbread
{i come from a family of foodies... we love some good food}
- bitty baby bib overalls
- white lace dresses
- cute snail mail 
- jalapeno chicken salad 
- indie folk rock
- visiting parks as the trees begin to bloom  
- lastly, nothing {nothing} beats a daily hug from your mom 
hope you had a nice weekend! 
...i would love to hear all about it... 
and did you watch downton abbey? 
...your thoughts...
this week i plan to share parks' two month update and lots of easter inspiration! 
{plus, another awesome giveaway!}
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  1. Aw, this is such a great post! It is SO important to remember to be grateful for the little (and the big) things in life! Photography is mouthwatering, too...

    Emma | creativexplorations.com

  2. Always so sad when the grandma leaves, especially at the beginning of motherhood. So glad you got to have a long visit with her!

  3. Your grateful posts always make me so happy. I love that you love the small things in life, too and you cherish everything. Mamas are the best. I can't imagine living far away from mine. What a treasure those moments with her are. It sounds like the two of you had an amazing week!