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a grateful heart + hour by hour {march}

hi! hope your monday is going well 
we went to the neurosurgeon {that place was quite scary} this morning
and they thought everything looked normal regarding parks' head
i am so relieved right now- i can't even tell you! 
the best news. 
we celebrated at earl's grocery afterwards
i finally felt like i could eat normally and enjoyed a grilled cheese, jalapeño chips, a latte, and rose lemonade- so delicious!! 
parks at the doctor's appointment
the doctor just LOVED him. 
he's such a good baby.
our hearts have never been more grateful for all of the love we have received 
and we are just so happy that he is healthy
as a mom, my heart is now on the outside of my chest
and i just love him so, so much. 
thank you for the prayers and support 
{we heard that he was mentioned at prayer groups over the weekend- wow. so nice!}
i am joining my sweet friend, astleigh of hill collection 
for this month's hour by hour weekend
and head over to her instagram for this week's
#thedarlingdetails prompt
hope your weekend was wonderful! 


cheering on our buckeyes 
they lost but our second favorite team 
uncle bassey's msu 'sparty' ended up winning the championship
go green!
a good college friend and her husband 
surprised me for the second time 
by walking into my parent's basement during the ohio state/michigan football game this year
and they gave our baby this awesome onesie! 
he missed the 'born a champ' by four days when alabama took it over on january 11, 2016
but it's just so cute! 

cuddling with dad before food trucks, music and craft brews 

enjoying my mom's german roots at old mecklenburg brewery
charlotte was just voted the top city for breweries and we love going to them! 
i enjoyed watching the kids run around and have fun...
 boys chasing one another with nerf guns, kids dancing to the live music, and little girls who kept peering into our stroller to see the baby! it was so cute. i love this stage but can't wait for all of that in the future as well... because there is no doubt that our kids will be at these types of places often!

he was such a good boy! 


mr. monaco let me sleep in a few hours and even brought up breakfast in bed
a delicious and spicy egg/bacon sandwich and an orange
ever since i got pregnant, i LOVE citrus even more.

i ventured to target to take a long, romantic stroll down every aisle...
the tulips and these adorable outdoor goodies caught my eye 
i ordered a latte and enjoyed some time alone

continuing to work on park's baby book 

little chicken is really enjoying his baths these days 

 deciding on st. patty's day attire
i just love dressing a boy! 
never knew just how cute the clothes really are
the shoes ended up being too big so we went with his navy chucks
which are also too big but have shoelaces!! 

off to the party! it feels so good to get showered/dressed up these days! oh, mom life i love you so much but these little things just feel so good. 

the best hostess at the party house
love you, tolbs

enjoying the cookout with dad! 
everyone loved little man 
we are blessed with amazing friends here in charlotte 

farmer's market flowers at the cookout 
i have celebrated st. patty's day almost every year with these friends
-since 2008-
{except in 2012 when my sister and i ran a half marathon together in d.c- so fun!}
well... running while watching people cheer and drink green beer made me quite envious of them
but the beer tasted so delicious afterwards
and mr. monaco and my brother-in-law surprised us with a couple's massage
my sister and i have been known to get couple's massages together- haha
completely normal, right?!

we spent saturday night with our dear friends, kate and jordan 
their little boy, william, is our precious godson - love him. 
{who didn't like mommy's 'new baby!'}
i am still recovering from an infection 
so we laid low with them and enjoyed great company/takeout from an amazing new app 
{planning to share soon! it's so cool... as in you can order starbuck's from it- i can't even imagine a latte showing up at my front door!} 

a rainy morning spent with my boys 

outside of our beautiful church uptown 

we cleaned and relaxed with our little boy 
loves blankets just like mom 

the sun started to come out and it ended up being a beautiful carolina day 

we relaxed and watched forrest gump
and then we both crashed. 

"he's the most beautiful thing i have ever seen' - forrest gump 

i love to shop at trader joe's on sundays 
to get ready for another week! 

dancing with my sweet boy 
'yea, you swept me away' 
- the avett brother's- 
{and the last song played on our wedding night!} 

we won the neighbor lottery
and i knew it the first time i met them 
they are the best. 
so thoughtful and generous

time for this little babe to go to bed
he loves this swaddle from nested bean 
{it's weighted for soothing him while he sleeps through 'the power of touch' ... but i can't complain about his sleeping habits at this point- he's really never cried at night... he eats and goes right back to bed.} for this, i am very thankful. 
we have tried a few swaddles lately and i hope to share them soon as well

after we put him to sleep, mr. monaco and i watched a documentary about the roosevelts 
{so interesting- we are both huge history nerds!} 
while drinking a glass of red wine and eating some pizza
i was nervous all weekend for this morning
but tried to keep my mind off of it by staying busy 
plus, my husband is so supportive and loving
which helped me to stay calm 
how did your weekend go? 
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  1. Beautiful photos from a lovely weekend. So glad Parks is out of the woods!

  2. I'm in love with your pictures. Every one of them looks so amazing and beautiful! I love the Weekend by Hour. What a fun way to re-cap the weekend! Baby Parks is so precious and i'm beyond glad that your prayers for him have been answered! Amen! Dancing with your guys never gets old. Enjoy every minute of it!

  3. Praise God!! So happy that little Parks is okay <333

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com