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little glimpses

betsy of heavens to betsy and natalie jean of a tiny traveler have one of my favorite instagram series called #itsabeautiful {which changes with each season}. as a community, we celebrate bright adventures in the summer, rich tones in the fall, the pretty soft pastels of spring, and the crisp and clean slowness of winter. right now the hashtag is #itsabeautifulwinter and it's so inspiring. this week they featured baby parks' little feet and i was so honored. go check out these fabulous instagram friends of mine: 
sweet boy snoozing on a spring like day in the carolinas- loving the blue skies and the birds singing
parks' knit hat is from karenfudge on etsy
still so grateful for my mom and everything she did for us- i miss her. 
we have the sweetest neighbors- i adore them. i knew this from the moment i met them. one couple has done so much for us since the babe was born that i brought them fresh flowers over the weekend. they left for jamaica today and because they are so sweet, they brought them back over for us to enjoy. 
mr. monaco and his brother lost a dear childhood friend last week- so very sad.
however, baby parks got to meet his godfather, jeff, who flew in from philly 
embracing every moment right now
remembering to live today 
without thinking about tomorrow or yesterday 
hey mama
friday night date night
our first one out together since parks was born. i appreciated it so much more than i used to. the place was perfect and we enjoyed one another's company so much. it's all about balance. i missed him so much but putting my husband first is so important to me. 
{and secretly, i wish an artist upon my baby boy}
dreaming of kitty cats and mud puddles 
yesterday, i enjoyed a mani/pedi + champagne with my soul sister, anna
she makes charlotte so much better than it already was. 
when i think about possibly leaving here someday, leaving her hurts so much. 
she has the most loving spirit, is always so supportive of me, and doesn't take life too seriously
plus, she loves me a lot and makes me laugh all.the.time.
i am so blessed to have her in my life. 
{the color 'funny bunny' is my absolute favorite polish}
ps: the second time i went to get it... i asked them for the color, funky rabbit ;) close?!
a grateful heart: 
- a close-knit family
- peanut butter
- smoothies
- baby wearing
- when parks smiles or makes tiny baby noises 
{right now he is snoring on me while in the ring sling}
- book stores
- a spicy glass of red wine 
- the softness of little bitty baby toes
- florals
- quiet moments with parks 
- a grateful teacher's heart: the notes and messages i have received from my current students {they are so good and wonderful this year!!!} during my maternity leave and from previous students- last night i received this instagram tag from a previous student and it warmed my heart so much! so sweet. 
she wrote: reading this incredible book again in honor of harper lee's passing. | thank you @nellemonaco for making me fall in love with this book during 8th grade and now i get to do it all over again 
thank you again, christinanealy
{so proud of you!}

what is a book that you fell in love with early on in life? 

hope you had a lovely weekend!

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  1. He is so beautiful!

  2. So sorry to hear about your husband's childhood friend. :( Every picture of Parks you post is just so sweet. He is the cutest. I love that your former student posted that. Sounds like you are an awesome teacher. :)

    1. thank you SO much!! it was so sweet and i appreciate your kind words

  3. I just love these beautiful pictures. You have a precious baby boy! And that glass of champagne with strawberries looks so tasty and refreshing!

    1. thank you so much! you are so sweet and the champagne was aMaZinG.

  4. Parks is the cutest thing ever! I miss when my kids were this small. What beautiful pictures!

    1. thank you so much! :) and i can only imagine- i feel like it's already going fast! hope you're week is going well