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the day i stopped saying 'hurry up'
{don't get me wrong- i think it's important to be 'on time' but a few years ago, it dawned on me that there are more important things than being RIGHT on time- much more important things. it doesn't bother me - at all- when people are a little late- i guess we all have our little pet peeves and this isn't one of mine. in my opinion, this article is so important to read if you have small kids}

"pausing to delight in the simple joys of everyday life is the only way to truly live."

what if all i want is a mediocre life? 

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  1. This picture is beautiful! So cozy!! Love your blog <3

    1. thank you so much!! :) i really appreciate your kind words

  2. Love the picture, lady! The coffee looks fabulous.