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a grateful heart + weekend snapshots

this weekend was one for the books. i have been reflecting on it a lot and feel like the holy spirit has been wrapped around me lately. {he definitely was during my labor and delivery!} however, i have felt him a lot lately. one thing is certain, i have never been happier. becoming a mom has made me even more empathic and reflective than i already was {these are the two things that my supervisors usually bring up during conferences- along with family and friends}. so bring on lots of reflecting... which is usually a good thing but can be exhausting at the same time. i attended a 'mom's night out' on saturday night - hosted by the sweetest {natalie of at home with natalie} and i left so very inspired. i hope to share more about the event soon. 
here are some snapshots from the weekend: 
dear friends came over yesterday to meet parks
they brought mexican and this cute easter basket for us
{the reese's eggs are just.so.good}
we talked for about four hours- it was a great afternoon! 
his sweaty, fuzzy and somewhat curly hair in the morning
hello, baby bedhead 
i LOVE our kitchen and home
but this kitchen is maybe a favorite for all of time
gray cabinets, white subway tile, distressed floors, gold hardware, and open wood shelves
all of my loves in one space. 
i would probably put all white dishes on the shelves 
with maybe a pop of mint! 
see more of this beautiful san francisco home here
saturday morning i met my friend, amanda, and her beautiful twin girls 
and some members of the charlotte babywearing community
at a local donut shop called 'your mom's donuts' 
it was so nice to learn from some very experienced moms the proper way to wrap 
i feel much better now! 
parks just loves it and i have read so much about how great it is for the fourth trimester and how much more independent babies usually are by the time they are one! 
 my outfit for saturday's event
tote: target 
shoes: dsw
i met so many incredible people! 
it was very spiritual and full of creativeness
two of my favorite things! 
again, i plan to share more about #nataliesmomsnightout

her vision: 
I have always loved throwing parties and connecting people. I see the importance of events like this…..
We can often push through motherhood thinking
we don’t need breaks or a team of mom friends, but we so do!
This is going to be just what you need.
I know as moms we can often feel disconnected and overwhelmed
and push off the opportunities for “me time”…
But self growth and community are so important!
We have lots of locals but even far away moms making the trip to Rock Hill, SC on February 27th…
My goal is to create a fun and welcoming environment for all of us to connect and grow as moms.
so thankful for a supportive husband who is always up for watching parks, helping me without complaining, and allowing me to fuel my inner creativeness often 
 reflecting and reading sunday morning
pumpkin coffee {year round for this gal} a book and johnny cash 
 snuggling with this puppy babe during the oscars
red wine + popcorn not pictured 
finally, today we ventured to a local park {70 degrees! and gorgeous} and then stopped at starbuck's
i ordered my green tea frap and then brought parks' stroller over to a nearby table 
i glanced back and saw the cutest little girl {in her plaid school uniform} peering into his stroller
that alone was just the most touching thing. 
her face showed such a tender and genuine interest in him. 
i went over and sat down. 
her dad was in the restroom- they were on a little 'date'
she then said, 'i like your baby!' 
what's his name? 
my name is maria elise 
her dad returned and was also the most friendly man 
we chatted for a long time 
while talking, the dad asked her to say the greek alphabet for us {so interesting} 
and then she sang the english one, too 
{did you know that it's y AND z - not 'n' because there was already a 'n' - :)} 
and then she asked if she could sing him a lullaby. 
it was the most beautiful thing. 
i had tears in my eyes. 
she would also help me 'pat' / burp the baby with me
and when they left she said, 'i will always remember you.'
... it was the sweetest.  
 i am so grateful for this special encounter. 
... and i am positive that ... 
i will always remember her, too 

ps: happy leap year!
enjoy your week
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  1. What a sweet little babe. I only recently found your blog and am excited to get to know you!

    1. thank you so much! i am excited to get to know you as well! have a great day