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you say goodbye, i say hello

hi~ happy new year to you! i hope it's going well so far. i have missed you all and appreciate your sweet comments, messages, texts, etc.  i decided to take a mini technology break last week and although i posted a little bit on instagram, the break was nice. sometimes our world- now full of technology 24/7- makes me a bit sad and i secretly want to go back to just sitting and talking with others. my parents were visiting last week and i decided to just relax and spend time with them. however, i did miss you all-- i absolutely love this encouraging and loving community. it feels so good to be back! today, i am sharing my word for 2016 and some goals i have for the year; some things i would like to focus on as we say hello to a brand new year.  
Currently... // November 2015i have thought a lot about my word for this year ... i have prayed about it a lot and have decided on the word, life. {especially as we welcome a new life into our family soon} it dawned on me recently just how much we change. i am not the same individual that i was a year ago, a month ago, a week ago. we are always growing; always experiencing. it doesn't stop. as we closed this past year and began to embark on a new one, i realized i have so much to be thankful for ... we have been blessed so much over the past year and i am thankful for everything God has given us- one abundant life. as i go into this year, i want to always focus on doing, saying, creating, praying, and experiencing moments that add to my life while eliminating parts that don't. if it's not making me a better person, i am hoping to re-evaulate and instead, strive to enhance this one life. 

i am hoping in 2016 to work on pressing the pause button and enjoying time with others; life. i want to take advantage of moments when i can pick up a book and read, snuggle with our baby, pick up the camera and capture a family moment, etc. i want to say goodbye to distractions and want to live in the moment more- i want to experience life as abundantly as possible.

as i was reflecting on these blessings and opportunities, i realized that the meaning of my life and purpose changed so much over the past twelve months and i want nothing more than to continue to focus on this over this next year; a year that will most certainly change our life {and soon. today marks ten days before baby monaco's due date! any last minute advice?!

it looks like 2016 will be our best year yet... and i hope it is yours as well. my goal for this upcoming year was to add some easier, gentler, and more mindful resolutions. i want to be able to keep them and concentrate on a few things that will ultimately allow me to live a more meaningful and spiritual LIFE {yet keeping in mind my 2015 goal of simplicity!} at the same time:  

here are some of my goals: 

- be quiet more, respond less 
- continue to put the phone down more {more books, conversations, prayer- activities that are meaningful to living a life with purpose- a life i want to look back on and be proud of}
- more prayer and devotionals 
- meditate and walk daily
- bring as much calmness and love that i can to baby monaco~ always doing my best to take care of him. 
- nourish my friendships and engage in meaningful conversations with people {less social media/cell phone time and more time with others} 
- be grateful for the little things in life
- strive to become the best-version-of-myself {taking in critiques from other people/allowing mr. monaco to push me when i need it/tell me when i need to improve - even if it's hard to hear. i think it's an important part of life, in order to become a better person} 
what about you? 
what are your goals for 2016?

i hope it's a healthy, meaningful and blessed year for you
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  1. What a perfect word for all the upcoming changes this year! It's going to be a beautiful one.

    1. thank you so much! i can't even wait- a beautiful one indeed