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snapshots of life lately

there are so many things i want to share with you all but i have been busy cuddling with this little baby bear and have been trying to rest, focus on feedings, and spend time with my mom. i truly don't want her to leave... she goes back to ohio on friday and our time together has been beyond special. the lady is a saint and has been so helpful. 
he loves his mimi so much already 
 here are a few things that have occurred over the weekend that i thought i would share- but hope to share lots more soon!  
 he loves snoozing in his moses basket 
parks' first snow
 occurred on his seventh day 
{and snow in charlotte is very rare! as in once or twice a winter} 
we ventured out for about two minutes to snap some photos
secretly, i think he loved it. 
 we enjoyed a cozy day at home with homemade chili soup and mexican cornbread 
+ a newborn photo shoot 
sunday morning we ventured over to the amazing studio of kinston photography, which is owned by tiffany ashmore. if you are in the charlotte area and are looking for a newborn/maternity/family photographer, i can't say enough about her. she is so patient, genuine, kind, fun, and so talented. she took her time with our baby boy and did more than was expected. tiffany has been so encouraging to me over the past week by talking to me about the recovery process/giving me feeding advice and even had a goodie bag of essential oils to give me that are known to help with postpartum. you may remember but she also did our maternity photos in december. she is so wonderful
here are a few from 'behind the scenes.' 
i can't wait to share the photos with you soon! 
our first {non doctor appointment} family adventure out of the house!
our big brown-eyed boy 
she has all of the props, hats, clothes for your use- all cute and more than you can imagine! 
-baby bowties get me every time-
my mom was again- so helpful. 
nine days old and baby modeling
he was such a good boy! 
...she was beyond patient and so fantastic to work with...
i hope your week is going well! 
and i hope to be back more regularly soon 
however, i am still recovering {more and more each day- yay!}
and the baby snuggles are just too good to pass up! 
i am simply so in love. 
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  1. I've always wondered what those type of newborn shoots looked like behind the scenes!!! How do you resist the urge to take a 100 photos or more! I hope you share them here because the lil bear hood one has to be adorable!! =)

  2. He is so precious! So happy that your mom was able to stay for awhile. I'm sure you've made the best memories!