our babymoon in savannah, georgia {part one} | olive june

our babymoon in savannah, georgia {part one}

we traveled to savannah, georgia november 20-22 for our babymoon and it was pretty amazing. the weather, the hotel, the food, the city, spending time together! i am so excited to finally share some photos with you all. have you ever been to savannah? if you haven't and get the chance, i recommend it! it's only four hours from charlotte and is a favorite of mine
 {you feel like you are in another country!} it's just beautiful. 
lavender shoes - $12.95 at h & m 
we stayed at the gastonian 
i have never experienced service quite like this before- so amazing. 
{it receives my highest recommendation!!}
it was so quaint and they were so personable
we enjoyed daily appetizers, desserts, the nicest people, made to order drinks/breakfast - and one beautiful room
he's so cute. and did such a great job of planning the trip! 
it felt so good to relax! we had been working/traveling so much this past fall that a few moments with a magazine- in my pjs- was just glorious. 
i have lived in these boots from old navy for months now
norah jones being played at the rooftop bar 
loving some peppermint ice cream! 
st. john the baptist- a stunning catholic church downtown 
 this was a chocolate store - it was unique and super fun 
 the christmas decor was being put up throughout the city 
love this lace top from anthropologie
 we enjoyed a yummy breakfast - in the bed and breakfast kitchen one morning and in bed/by the fireplace the next morning
a view into our room from outside 
 enjoying a latte at the paris market 
leopald's ice cream stop 
the stairs to our hotel 
adored this cute cafe across from st. john the baptist 

we enjoyed lunch at the collins quarter cafe and bar 
it's owned by an australian and was simply wonderful
i loved the decor, food, bar area, and fresh flowers 
that evening we went to a nice restaurant and then ended the night at a speakeasy for mr. monaco
you had to have a 'key' to get in and the vibe was extraordinary- he was in heaven. 
loved the music and couples dancing together
relaxing by the fire place in our robes! 
a few more photos and details tomorrow
but again, it was just the best trip! 
we loved our time there

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  1. OMG How cute and quaint does your babymoon look?! I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah and it’s still top on my list of places to visit. Your trip looks amazing and can I say how delicious all your food looks? I’m all about enjoying the relaxation, good food and company, with a little bit of exploration. So glad you had such a great time!

    1. thank you, kelly!! hope you're feeling well and you should try and visit! it's just adorable. can't wait for baby daniel!

  2. Looks like an incredible trip! Relaxing and delicious, too, given all that good food! Glad you guys had a nice stay!

    1. thank you so much- it was so nice! so much good food in one beautiful city! hope you're well, rachel!

  3. I enjoy Savannah. It's a great road trip for Floridians. I enjoy the cooking classes at the Mansion on Forsyth Park. Your photos are lovely!

    1. thank you so much! i love that mansion! our hotel was right by that park!! beautiful

  4. I live in Savannah, well very close, and it's my favorite! Love Savannah and so glad that you enjoyed your time here!

    1. it's just beautiful!! we had such a great time- thank you, miranda!

  5. Wanting to plan our Babymoon to Savannah, GA. Wondering if I could pick your brain for a bit. Your pictures were amazing and it sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!


    1. thank you SO much!! it was awesome... i am not sure why i just saw this but are you still going? i would love to help!!! sorry... and if you already went, i hope it was AMAZING!!!