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inside our hospital bags {mom + baby}

every minute of every day lately, i am expecting to go into labor. i feel different lately and just feel like he's coming... however, i have never done this before! so really, who knows! here are some things gathered and given for our special little one. this whole process- carrying a little life- is a journey in waiting and slowing down. something i was finally able to do this week and some last week - although my parents and i kept pretty busy running errands and enjoying charlotte. however, for this ability to rest prior, i am very thankful. i am just taking each step as it comes and am trusting that God will carry all of us with grace. 

for mom: 
a floral robe
grip socks
flip flops
a massager 
essential oils {lavender and frankincense}
camelbak water bottle
nursing tanks
non-scented lotion
a diffuser 
polaroid camera
lululemon wrap

for our baby: 
natural pacifier

muslin swaddle blankets

onesies {one with bengal tigers in case he comes saturday- go cincinnati} 
a few going home outfits [both newborn and 0-3 month}
coconut oil from trader joe's 
knit booties 
his new diaper bag {thanks mom and dad!! my dream bag}
nikon camera 
a boppy
ps: his weekender bag is from target
not pictured:
an over-night bag for papa bear 

cozy socks 
hair ties 
a blanket
anything you would add? 
...i am not bringing any baby products because they have so much there to use...
i am open to any advice though!


  1. You're ready, mama! And nipple cream, while it sounds weird, is wonderful. Definitely a life saver! Rest up and enjoy your last days as a family of two! Xoxo

  2. PILLOWS! I brought a bunch of pillows and blankets, made my stay much more comfortable.

    1. great idea!! i am the queen of blankets - so excellent idea! i appreciate it! hope you're well! xo

  3. I love the bright colored bag!! Where is that from?? I am so thrilled for you. I've loved watching your journey, you have no idea how your life is going to be so richly blessed soon! It is truly unexplainable. Enjoy every moment!!

  4. Hope everything goes well. I know we have never met, but as a fellow Peony and a Charlotte-dweller, please let me know if you need anything!

  5. I got that same diffuser for Christmas. I love the look of it. This is all so exciting. I hope you don't have to wait much longer.


  6. Dang mama! You are totally prepared! I packed my bag today....but now it looks like I need to revisit it over the weekend and add a few things :) I can't wait to see pics of your little one :) -Linh

  7. So so exciting! I know what you mean, I just feel different lately there's been a shift of some kind. I wake up every day expecting it to happen!