simply loving | it's almost christmas!! | olive june

simply loving | it's almost christmas!!

thinking |  some relaxation and a few mini dates with mr. monaco are just what i need right now. 

pondering | final thoughts on baby boy's name! {and if his huge drop this week means he's on his way!}

needing | to finalize our hospital bags this weekend! along with shopping, wrapping, and finishing up the nursery! 

listening | a very she & him christmas - it's one of my very favorites. 

dreaming | about meeting our son.  

swooning | over being able to see baby boy at our ultrasound appointment monday {unless he comes this weekend? ... i feel like things are changing and might be getting real soon.} but i could be wrong- i have never done this before! ♥

simply loving: 

i would LOVE to put this in our home. 
this home- so colorful and lovely - esp. the tree branch!!
 what are you loving this week? any exciting weekend plans?
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  1. Ahh how exciting would that be if he arrived this weekend in time for Christmas?! Can't wait to hear what name you chose!


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