oh baby | thirty-four weeks | olive june

oh baby | thirty-four weeks

how far along? | 34 weeks 

due date: january 14, 2016
picking out our tree for twenty.fifteen at the local farmer's market on kings street in charlotte
where we go for fresh produce during the summer and pick out our tree under the market lights in the winter- the people are always the nicest around! i just love them. 
{shirt: anthropologie and scarf: h & m

baby's size | baby is the size of a butternut squash and is around 4.2-5.8 lbs and 17.2-18.7 inches long 

gender | a baby boy! 
his little clothes 

feeling | besides yesterday, i feel really good!! i felt dehydrated, nauseous, and very worn down. however, my back pain has been gone for two weeks now {the best feeling ever.} and i am sleeping well. my energy levels have been pretty good too and the acid reflex i was experiencing is slightly better than it was- yay!! according to the doctor, baby is head down and will probably stay that way until delivery. i was measuring right on track at thirty-three weeks {he was measuring three weeks ahead until thirty weeks} and am up eighteen total pounds. we were in the car for a total of twenty hours last week and i wanted to keep my hips stable- for my back- so a little bit of swelling occurred in my feet; however, it's now much better! very thankful for that.

maternity clothes |  loving comfy clothes and pajamas most- and thanks to my sister, jess, i now have some super comfortable new lululemon clothes {she is lucky enough to work for that awesome company/loves it} i am also wearing a lot of maternity tights, dresses, and booties.  
we decided that we wanted to pick up an ornament as a keepsake while in savannah for our babymoon- when we saw this nest with the three eggs at my favorite boutique, we knew it was the one!
movement |  he's been moving SO much! and i love it.

sleep |  i really can't complain! i was up most of tuesday into wednesday because i felt very sick but other than that, it's all good. i tend to get really hot but an opened window and taking the covers off seems to help! totally freezing out mr. monaco- esp. when we were in ohio {where it's about thirty degrees cooler than north carolina} 
enjoying some delicious peppermint ice cream at leopold's in savannah, georgia

cravings | still loving water, smoothies, oranges, spinach salads, purple grapes... and peppermint ice cream. yum. and it's so nostalgic to me and reminds me of when my mom used to buy the little christmas tree ice cream treats while we watched holiday movies in our popples sleeping bags {did you love popples as much as i did?!}
miss anything | sleeping on my stomach sounds pretty great 
- thanksgiving day love for baby boy-
your mom is so thankful for you.

fun facts | baby's recognizing and reacting to simple songs, if you're singing them. {i play pandora, talk, and sing to him all the time} in fact, he started to move around after i started talking to him in the bath tub the other night- it melted my heart. ps: the bath tub is def. my favorite thing in our house right now.
-soho south cafe in savannah-

how's dad? | so loving, kind, and excited to meet his son- it's precious to watch. he's been so helpful every week and is so good at taking care of us. 

best moment of the week| i loved shopping with my mom last friday - below is a picture of one of the boutique windows where we browsed all afternoon. lots of great finds ... just loved spending time together. it's so hard being so far apart during times like this. going to pick out our tree monday evening was another highlight- along with seeing family/friends saturday at my parent's college football game day party. especially when one of my best friends from college walked down the stairs with her new husband {you may remember their very personal/beautiful wedding here} she surprised me {love them both} and brought baby monaco a buckeye onesie♥
looking forward to | decorating our home for the holidays {hopefully saturday}, maternity photos this sunday, and birthing classes this weekend/all of next week 
sitting by my parent's fireplace and watching the macy's parade 
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  1. If I could live in the tub from now until the baby comes, I totally would. And I'm with you on freezing my poor husband in our house...it's just so hot to me!

    1. the only thing that gets me out of the tub is the fact that I am too hot. haha - hope your week is going well!! almost 35 weeks girl

  2. Feeling your baby move is the best, isn't it?! Especially when it seems to be in response to your voice :) So excited for you as the time draws nearer to meet your little guy!!

    1. yes- i just love it. :) so excited - we are almost there! hope you are feeling well

  3. Such a sweet time. My 3rd was born Jan 15th....he is the most laid back, chill kid I have and has the sweetest smile.

  4. New here from the link up! Congratulations on your little boy on the way! Being a boy mama is the.best. I never realized how much I'd love it! And being prego this time of year and having an excuse to eat all the cookies was fun too. haha :)

    1. awe- thank you so much! and yes- loving sweets and pizza, too! ha - i love your blog! thank you for stopping in! have a great week

  5. You are doing so great! Almost there! I just love all the little clothes! It's hard to believe they will be that little!


    1. thank you! :) love little boy clothes!! have a great week

  6. Beautiful post, Nelle! I LOVE the onesie (for obvious reasons)! Many prayers for you during this home stretch before the arrival of your little man!
    Peace, Sarah

    1. :) yay! how cute is it?! i just love it! and your prayers mean so much. have a great week! xo

  7. Lovely update, Nelle! My daughter responded to music and my voice quiet well too when I was pregnant with her. Now that she's nearly two, she loves listening to all kids of music (pandora and spotify are our favorites) too!

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful piece with us on #SHINEbloghop. We're so happy you were able to join us this week.

    1. awe, thank you so much! this is so sweet- i can't imagine a world without pandora now! it's the best. i have discovered so many songs and artists that i never would have! hope you have a wonderful week.