oh baby | thirty-five weeks | olive june

oh baby | thirty-five weeks

how far along? | 35 weeks 

due date: january 14, 2016
baby's size | baby is the size of a coconut and is around 4.2-5.8 lbs and 17.2-18.7 inches long 

gender | a baby boy! 
feeling |  now that the gout in my foot is bearable - all is good again. whew. thank you all again for the love and prayers. only about 15% of the pain is currently there- which i can totally handle. i would never wish this on anyone. it was an awful, terrible, real pain. i am so happy now and am feeling great. i have a lot of braxton hicks, some heartburn and get tired at night {even though i want to keep going} my body tells me 'no.' despite wobbling around, we were able to get so much accomplished this week, which makes me feel better about welcoming baby boy. we attended numerous classes {transition to motherhood, infant cpr, taking care of baby, breastfeeding, labor & delivery and have a labor support class and a hospital tour coming up} we also organized lots of his things last weekend, found a child care center we love {for lots of reasons}, lined up a very highly recommended pediatrician, the car seat is installed in our jeep, our friends loaned us their beautiful bassinet, and i started to pack the hospital bags. all of these things were not done a week ago so that feeling is wonderful~ knowing these are now checked off. 

maternity clothes |  loving my lululemon clothes and dresses, maternity tights and boots  
a few pages from his baby book
i am using project life materials and have about twenty pages done 
hoping to do more over my winter break ♥ 
{along with another book idea i have}
i love their materials and am enjoying this process
i hope he enjoys it someday, too. 

movement |  he's a mover and a shaker but also loves to sleep for long periods of time {sounds like his momma} 
a few maternity photo candid shots 
my flower crown was designed and constructed by jenna of gold and bloom
she's so talented - i just love her. 
planning to share more soon!

sleep |  still crashing around 11 every night. 

miss anything | hot yoga and my family - my sibs are my best friends and sent me these photos this week... they both work at lululemon {this company is fabulous to their employees- i love their philosophy and am so glad that they both get to experience their inspirational atmosphere} this was after a class they took together. they are going to make the best auntie jess and uncle al - i love them so much and am so proud of both of them. namaste, loves. 

cravings | citrus is my true love 

fun facts | my uterus has grown 1,000 times its original size {for real.} and baby's hearing should be fully developed; responding best to high pitched sounds. 

how's dad? | he helped me BEYOND WORDS this week. and although he's a great support system, the man needs some swaddling practice before baby comes... lol. he's going to 'daddy boot camp' saturday so maybe that will give him some pointers :)  he tries and that's all that matters. 
at our taking care of baby class- so cute. 

best moment of the week| getting relief in my foot tuesday- best.feeling.ever. decorating our house for the holidays was a close second ♥ 
looking forward to | a holiday gathering at our house tomorrow night and a 36 week ultrasound the week of christmas {to check his size and to confirm his position} i can't wait to see our boy. 
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  1. Loved reading your update! You are looking great! So glad your hubs has been supportive--he still has some time to work on the swaddle tho!

  2. Glad you're feeling better!

  3. I kid you not...my best friend just had a baby and I'll never forget her husband freaking out because he couldn't swaddle his lil girl a day in. lol. I love that you guys went to a class! I will definitely need to do that when my time comes! What a wonderful idea to use the Project Life goodies for the baby book! I'll have to remember that too!! I hope your foot feels better and your able to find some relief! =)

    Have a wonderful weekend! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  4. Great post! I loved the pictures and am really digging this font. Congratulations on your pregnancy thus far. It certainly exciting to be awaiting the arrival of a precious baby. Seems like you're very prepared. Great pics.

  5. You're in the home stretch now! So glad to hear your pain is better. You look so cute, and your brother and sister look like so much fun.

  6. Oooh I've heard gout is SO painful. I'm so glad it is getting better! You look amazing!

  7. I enjoy reading your updates! The baby book you are making looks so cool - I've never heard of that company (wonder if they were around when I had my boys!!).

  8. I love these updates, Nelle. Glad you foot is feeling better. It sounds like you're in nesting stage, getting everything from the house to the car, ready for your baby boy. That's such a wonderful time, so I hope you're enjoying every minute of it.
    It was lovely to see you again on #SHINEbloghop this week. Thanks for sharing this with us :)