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a letter to our unborn son

to our unborn son,

it seems like just yesterday we found out we were having you. the memory brings tears to my eyes. the moment i stared at the words ‘pregnant’ so much excitement flooded my heart; an overwhelming joy in knowing that God had deemed it His perfect timing to bless us with you. last night before i crawled into bed, i peeked into the mirror and stared at my 35 weeks belly… and thought back to those moments and the first time i thought of you. that moment when i stared at the mirror and looked down at my stomach thinking about the little person that was growing inside me. you were a tiny dot at that stage but already i felt a connection with you. i fell in love with you from the moment i found out that you existed. it didn’t matter if you were a boy or a girl – i just knew you are a gift from God, chosen for me- for us.

there were days you made me tired physically and emotionally but feeling your little flutters made everything alright again. it reminded me about the life that was growing inside me and just how blessed i am to experience this.

i promise to kiss you goodnight and hug you when you are feeling down. i can’t promise to protect you from everything because the world we live in is crazy. you will learn on your own how to live in it. you will have to fight for what you believe in and be strong but i promise to try my best to raise you into a man who every woman would want to marry…
i want you to make decisions that impact the world, not just your neighborhood. i want you to make a difference in life.
i promise to teach you how to respect others. i promise to teach you how to accept others. i promise to teach you how to help others.
promise to respect your decisions in life, even if i don’t agree. who you love, what field you want to advance in, and where you want to live, that’s your choice to make. but please feel open and safe to speak with me. i want you to know that i will never belittle or bully you, and i will stand tall and advocate for you.
you are about to leave your comfort zone and come out to the real world. i want you to know that i will always try my best to be the best mother i can be.
{art from his nursery- a full reveal coming soon!}
i promise to love you unconditionally.
you are our next adventure.
with love, 
your mom
i wrote baby boy another letter here
today marks exactly one more month before your due date and we are so ready to meet you. xo
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  1. The wait is so hard and long at the end! This was me a year ago, and now Wednesday is my little boy's first birthday! Fingers crossed for a easy delivery for you!

    1. awe, happy birthday to your little boy!! i can't even imagine how fast it goes... this pregnancy flew by!! hope he has a great day and thanks for the love

  2. That photo of you is so beautiful!

  3. How beautiful! I love these letters to babies because you’ll have this keepsake for years to come. I’m so excited for you and it’s been such a thrill being pregnant along with fellow bloggers. You’re going to make a fantastic mama and I can’t wait for you and your husband to meet your son! :)

    1. i couldn't agree more- i love following your story and can't wait for you as well! you will be amazing. thanks for the continuous love ♥