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a holiday home tour

 hi! hope you had a great weekend! happy christmas week to you- wishing you a fun, safe, and festive week with loved ones. and if you are lucky enough, some snow! it's supposed to be 75 on christmas day in charlotte and i desperately miss my many, many childhood white christmases {where we experienced snow almost every year!} so magical. instead, mr. monaco and i have our second annual flocked real tree and some shabby chic decor surrounding us. on another note, this afternoon, we are going to get to see baby boy on an ultrasound, which is the best christmas gift we could ask for {well, besides snuggling him in our arms.} praying he's healthy and everything looks good at this point. also, sending lots of prayers and thoughts over to astleigh and pete of hill collection as they welcome baby girl hill today- can't wait to see her and hope everything goes well! 

hope you enjoy our holiday home tour for 2015- we had fun decorating together {sans wine this year for me} but with lots of great jams. my friend, renee, introduced me to 'hipter holidays' on pandora and i.am.so.in.love. just my style of music and perfect for decking the halls! 
we put the tree in our study this year, which faces the front of the house 
we picked out our tree at the end of november and love it- def. my favorite one yet. 
we always go to the kings street farmers market 
{for produce, flowers, pumpkins, and our tree!} 
when i first moved to charlotte in 2007, my house was right next to it
the people are so friendly and there is a city view with market lights strung above- we love it. 
it's a real tree that has been sprayed with fake snow ♥
a gift from my sister-in-law- our wedding invitation ornament
i have done this since for friends since~
 it's super easy and people love when i attach it to their wedding gift!
1. cut the invitation into strips
2. wrap each strip around a pencil to make it curl
3. place the pieces into a clear glass/plastic ornament bulb 
gold tipped feather garland 
lace stocking for her and poms for him 
this little green mixer is from world market 
i took this shot on instagram on saturday, december 19
exactly one year since we moved into our home! 
enjoying some early morning coffee + home alone love 
i had a book club ornament exchange last week 
i almost always venture over to crate and barrel for ornaments
{they usually have super cute ones}
this deer stole my heart - and all of their ornaments were 30% off! 
 our kitchen before a holiday gathering 
 my mom and i picked this up while shopping at boutiques in small-town, ohio over thanksgiving 
this santa was 60% off at micheals and fits in so well in our home
mr. monaco loves him, too! 
 some more coffee bar + study shots  
these were the ornaments i received in the exchange
they stole my heart- wood + glitter- yes. 
a willow tree nativity scene 
these little trees are from target - they make me happy. 
i put some chalkboard cards throughout our tree 
a eucalyptus wreath + glitter peace 
what are you looking forward to most about christmas?
also, if you posted about your home decor this holiday season, please put your link in the comments section, i would love to see!  ♥
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    Lee Anne

  2. Gorgeous and inspiring! I need to do a post on our Christmas decorations now!

  3. I love all the little details!
    IS your tree real? With fake snow?

  4. Your home is so pretty and cozy! I love the ornaments and the deer decor!

  5. Wow. Your house and the decorations are gorgeous! I love all those little colored trees, and I also love your tree!

  6. So festive – I love that green mixer ornament! :)

  7. I love your tree...and your kitchen!

  8. What a cute space! I love all the white! Also, I love the wedding invitation ornament. Such a fun idea!

  9. Your decorations are so pretty! Merry Christmas!

  10. I love how soft and romantic everything is! I posted about our decorations on Monday also. http://www.howtomakealife.com/2015/12/christmastour/ Hope you havea wonderful Christmas!

  11. Your decorations look fabulous! I absolutely LOVE the wedding invitation ornament.

    All the Best,
    Allison | www.LiveLifeWellBlog.com

  12. Your home is so beautiful!!! I love all the white you have in it! Love the details with the deer and antlers too. Couldn't do that at my house - my dog would take all the antlers for himself. Lol. Once again it's beautiful!

  13. So gorgeous! Of course, I would expect nothing less from you!

  14. i'm in love with your Christmas home! I need you to come help me decorate :) I also NEED that mixer ornament. It's just like my real one!

  15. Your home is so dreamy. Would love a whole house tour on the blog! And all the heart eyes for your Willow Tree Nativity set--I hope to have one someday!

    And I believe you've already seen my holiday home tour, but here's the link in case you forgot ;o)