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thankful {the circle}

today i am linking up with kiki at in its time for her monthly link-up, the circle. this month's prompt was to create an acrostic poem using the word, thankful. life is full of give and takes and therefore, it's so important to be thankful - every single day- and to take nothing for granted. sometimes even the difficult times or the people who enter your life and leave a negative impact {they have taught me who i do not want to be} can teach you something. so even for these times and people- i am thankful. i have learned that taking a few moments of stillness each day and reflecting on the little things that mean the most can be so powerful. 
"there is always something to be thankful for."
t - time with baby boy during this pregnancy. 
the butterflies he used to give me have turned into tiny little kicks. despite the back pain and difficult initial weeks of pregnancy, i feel so fortunate, so lucky, to have been chosen to carry this little boy. he has made my concept of love so much stronger. sweet baby monaco~ no one has ever wanted anything more than i have wanted you. as we enter the last eight {ish} weeks with just the two of us, i am praying for a fun, {hopefully} pain-free, healthy, memorable, and enjoyable holiday season with you.

h - health.
this is my most thankful thing in life- for it is everything.

a - art and the five senses.
i could look at art, listen to music, and create all day. i love it. i truly appreciate the beauty of colors and although white and gray are by far my favorites, i totally get wrapped up in the combinations of colors. i love visuals and try to look at the world through a lens.

n - nighttime.
i am a true night owl. even during this pregnancy {minus the early stages when i felt exhaustion at a whole new level} i love the way our home gets dark and quiet; i love to savor the end of a day. whether it's a bubble bath, reading, blogging, a good diy project, netflix- nighttime makes me happy.

k - kindness. especially kind strangers.
there is so much hate that surrounds us every day- throughout the world. i have been thinking a lot about the tragedy in paris and find martin luther king's 'hate cannot drive hate, only love can do that.' so comforting right now. i have also seen some moments online that have been encouraging; images and stories of heroes and people showing random acts of kindness. my hope from this very sad tragedy is that developed countries can come together and form a strong bond; a bond that promotes change. this type of love brings me hope. there are so many great people throughout the world and i hope we persevere as one. we need to come together and conquer this evil through unity. in the meantime, my heart aches for the people of france. i just want to wrap my arms around them all. ♥

f - forgiveness.
the most important part of my catholic faith and the number one thing my momma taught me. i feel like i forgive easily {or at least try to!} and feel like it's the only way to live my life as genuinely as possible. without forgiveness, i feel weighed down, my heart feels angry, and i am unable to love others kindly.

u - you.
you all make blogging one incredible experience - your daily support and prayers are why i am here. i adore the friendships i have made and look forward to future experiences within this amazing community.

l - local adventures
i love knowing that there are so many places to explore around me... north carolina is gorgeous and provides countless adventures, all four seasons, the beach, the mountains, beautiful historic cities- it's a wonderful place to live and explore.
what about you? 
...what would you include...

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  1. I love this idea! I think I need to do this, too. Isn't forgiveness a wonderful thing? I am blessed because I am forgiven and can forgive others. I think that's what i'm most thankful for.

  2. I love this! Great pics too. It's so important to practice gratitude. My friend hosts a link up on Fridays called "10 things I'm grateful for/or that make me happy". You should check it out. Participating really makes me focus on what I'm thankful for.

  3. You found great words for your poem! Love it! I didn't think about forgiveness for F, but that is SO true! I am so thankful to be forgiven by God and try to show forgiveness to others… It's tough at times but so humbling. I am right there with you as a night-owl! That's when my brain juices are flowing and I can really get creative! North Carolina sounds wonderful and very similar to Oregon (where I grew up until I recently moved to Texas last month upon getting married). Four seasons, a beach nearby, mountains, history --- all the things I love about the Pacific NW, so I think I'd love North Carolina! I love local adventures and hope to explore more of Texas soon since this is my new home.

    So glad you linked up with Kiki and I for The Circle this month!

  4. I'm loving this post. I too have a thankfulness of my health & the kindness of others. It has been an extremely exhausting week & people who I don't even know made my day brighter.

  5. i love that you said health & forgiveness.... i didn't even think of those! but definitely things i am so thankful for!

  6. Kindness and forgiveness and local adventures. Three amazing things that we all need more of! I honestly believe that kindness is something that needs to be taught and focused on more in schools and I hope and pray that it becomes something we can all appreciate and strive for more of. :)

    I also love that you talked about local adventures, too. There are so many great things to see and explore in our hometowns!

    Thanks for linking up!

    p.s. Congrats on Baby Monaco! That is SOOOO exciting, Nelle! :)

  7. Hi, I am like you. I am more of a nighttime person too. I am thankful to for my daughter. Thanks for sharing. ;)

  8. <3 I love Kiki so much!!! I really enjoyed reading what you're thankful for! <3

  9. This is beautiful! I remember those somewhat magical days of getting to have my baby all to myself, haha! He is not a baby any longer... although I do still get kicked by him (when he sleeps in my bed!) I am new to your blog and can't wait to get to know you better! Have a happy thanksgiving!