oh baby | thirty weeks | olive june

oh baby | thirty weeks

how far along? | 30 weeks 

due date: january 14, 2016
baby's size | baby is the size of a cucumber or a butternut squash -- 3.1 pounds and 17 inches long 

gender | a baby boy! 

feeling | the pressure to name him soon ♥ it's on my mind all.the.time. there is a name i absolutely LOVE {mr. monaco likes it as well} but i worry about picking the perfect name; a name for a lifetime. you all~ naming a human is a lot of pressure. we have a girl name {three actually} but still no definite boy name. i know not everyone will love what we pick and i love uncommon/more unique names in general... so i know we just have to love it {and most importantly, hopefully he will someday as well}. please share your favorites below and thank you to all who have in the past! on a physical side, my cold/sore throat is finally going away and i am starting to feel better... wedding rings are still on, belly button is in {this might change soon!} no swelling {this shocks me- i thought for sure i would swell by now} and i will find out my total weight gain tomorrow- as of three weeks ago- it was eleven pounds.
nursery scenes
vintage romper
cute gifts
my handy dad working on the nursery last week- love him. thank you, pops/papa/grandpa 

maternity clothes | still a little of both... and still needing a few more options to make it through the next ten {ish} weeks! my mom and i found some great shirts at anthropologie last weekend- which i love. 

movement |  it becomes more intense every day- he loves to dance and kick {esp. at night} we love to enjoy classical piano music together- he usually moves around and it's so peaceful for me. {hope it is for him, too!} 
nursery art
from scarletandgold shop
sleep |  my mom bought me a body pillow last weekend and it's aMaZinG. so amazing that mr. monaco wants to sleep on it, too. no complaints with sleeping this week- i am still crashing. {and still wanting to stay up late - #nightowl} but trying very hard to get more sleep. i don't require a ton, but want to be healthy and want to get more than i was before getting pregnant.

cravings |  lots of liquids {esp. water} i can't get enough. 
striving for more quiet time lately- remember, i teach middle school. 

miss anything |  a nice warm bubble bath + a glass of red wine to unwind {with a book/pandora!}

fun facts | baby's skin is getting smoother, his brain is getting wrinklier to make way for all that essential brain tissue, and he is now strong enough to grasp a finger!! 
our glider came and i LOVE it. we ordered it on sale/free shipping in september 
{in sachi white}

best moment of the week |  standing in the nursery with my parents sunday evening and seeing months of researching/ordering/planning finally come together ... i shared more here. however, finishing up the space is in sight and i could not be more excited. 

how's dad? |  so helpful, supportive, and loving. he loves to talk to baby about playing baseball and being buds someday. 

looking forward to | a few prenatal massages coming up, our babymoon in savannah, and the holiday season 

next appointment: tomorrow!
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  1. So exciting! You are in the home stretch now. That pillow will become your best friend for sure. Love reading these updates. Can't wait for the next one :)

    1. thank you so much! so glad you are enjoying them and it's def. my new bff! have a great friday!!

  2. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  3. You're almost there! That vintage romper is just the cutest thing ever:-)

  4. You might just be one of those lucky ones who doesn't swell at all! A girl I went to high school with had her baby earlier this year and looked slim and glamorous all the way through delivery...she even went past her due date! Count your blessings...it hurts when you swell! Keep drinking lots of water and get your feet up after a long day of teaching!

    1. we will see! i am drinking a TON of water... which i have always loved. thanks for the love! i am def. putting my feet up after standing all day :)

  5. Aww, I enjoyed looking at all the photos!! This reminded me when I used to be pregnant, I couldn't wait to have my daughter because I felt tired all the time. Time flies and you'll have your little one in your arms soon! Have a great weekend :))

  6. Congratulations on your little one.
    I am currently 34 weeks with number #2 and love checking in with other expectant mummas to see how they are getting on and sharing the love.

    Stopping by from #SHINE

    1. yay! i love following others, too! thank you, lydia and best wishes to you with baby #2!

  7. Love reading through how much you're progressing. I can relate to the pressure of naming your little one. We thought long and hard about what to call our daughter before she was born, but the best thing we ever did was not to share what we've decided to name her until after she was born. We just thought that having others know her name and hearing their opinions about it would just make us second-guess ourselves. So, we picked a name we loved and didn't reveal it until she was out. The reaction was priceless and everyone loved it.

    Glad your nursery finally came together. Enjoy every minute of that pillow. That was my savior for those sleepless nights!

    Thanks for sharing this with us on #SHINEbloghop this week! It so lovely of you to join us :)

    1. thank you, maria! such great advice- i really appreciate it!