oh baby | thirty-two weeks | olive june

oh baby | thirty-two weeks

how far along? | 32 weeks 

due date: january 14, 2016
baby's size | baby is the size of a squash and is around 3.9 lbs and 19 inches long 

gender | a baby boy! 
excited to welcome a winter bebe 
love these two pieces 

via: joggers and jacket

feeling | now that my back pain is less intense and i can walk...and pick things up... and put on my shoes without help- i am HAPPY. all is good. 

i also adore this look:

maternity clothes |  at this point, i think i will just tell you some finds ♥ because i have learned during this pregnancy that it's usually a combo of clothes in my closet that i am can still wear and maternity. my husband has been so incredible this week... he is on a two week break from the bank and has been so productive at home. on tuesday, after school, i came home from teaching and from searching for maternity tights around the mall without any luck {and with a painful crease under my belly} and he went out to target and found some- and i love them. why did i wait so long?!  they are life-changing. even if you aren't far along, i recommend getting them as early as possible! i usually wear dresses/cardigans with tights and boots so i am mad at myself for not purchasing earlier! 

movement |  a little bit less than last week but when he does, it's way more intense. 

sleep | 
 a few restrooms breaks throughout the night, but overall, sleeping really well 
cravings |  strawberry frosted poptarts? i haven't had a poptart since i was a child! they are still just as good. i am also loving shakes and smoothies! and the water/citrus love continues. again, shoutout to mr. monaco for waking up early on his break {even though i insisted that he doesn't} to make me a shake every morning this week. 

miss anything |  having cocktails with friends  

fun facts | baby's getting ready for his or her descent and is likely in the head-down position. he is probably feeling even more cramped as well 
best moment of the week | finally feeling relief from the pain tuesday afternoon/evening - my pain level has gone from around an 8.5 last week to about a 1. i can totally handle a 1! just praying it stays this way ♥

how's dad? |  so thankful for him! he's so sweet and helpful to the both of us- he sure does love us lots.
looking forward to | our babymoon tomorrow!! heading to savannah, georgia! follow me on insta for updates and a post will be coming! so excited to relax and explore. {and see all the holiday decor!!} i am also looking forward to a trip home to ohio next week for thanksgiving. it's always so relaxing, fun, and i feel calm there so i am ready to indulge in that atmosphere before december's craziness - yet festiveness- arrives. {which is pretty much booked already! lots of vitamin c for this girl} i think i have two evenings free after teaching all day between the 1-13! what are your plans for thanksgiving? staying home? traveling? 

next appointment: november 23 
in case you missed: 
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  1. You've gotten to 32 weeks WITHOUT having maternity tights?! How did you survive?! I can't wait to pull that big belly panel over my belly. But I don't have enough of a bump yet to hold any maternity bottoms up. So glad your back is better!

  2. I am SO HAPPY to hear your pain went down! I've been praying for you!

  3. Those plaid joggers are adorable! I want them in my size. :-)