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five tips for hosting a memorable friendsgiving

this is such a wonderful time of year. it's a time for giving thanks and gratitude with your family. however, our friends can be family to use too. even if it's not on the exact day, you can still host a gathering to show how much they mean to you. i have always wanted to do this! and although i plan on going to dinner with my close friends in ohio this year, i would love to host a friendsgiving in charlotte one of these years. so although i am not able to this year, {our babymoon is scheduled for the weekend before} i decided to share some inspirations with you. it's doesn't have to be too complicated to put together... it's just meant to be a time to mingle and gather with friends; while enjoying delicious food, cocktails, and simply their company. 

my husband and i love to entertain but are more informal people {well i am} he tends to be a little more traditional, which is fine, but personally, i love to just mingle, talk, and laugh together. i didn't grow up around formal dining rooms {i honestly can't think of one in my hometown? not that there is anything wrong with them- just not really my style} as a result, i would probably have a self serve bar, fun signature cocktails, some little details, and small bites for people to enjoy {and maybe even a small craft center for the ladies!}
here are my five tips for hosting a memorable friendsgiving:

1. a festive fall tablescape: i shared some of my favorites here in october, but also love these gorgeous ideas for sprucing up a table {or for a less formal event you can use a gathering table/island} 

2. break out the cider + a self service bar: i am all about some festive drinks {esp. using apple cider to mix!} here are some recipes and bar inspirations that i just love!
thanksgiving cider by ciao chow bambina

3. table talk: when you sit down to thanksgiving dinner, how do you begin a conversation? my dad usually starts with a little sentimental speech about how lucky we are to have one another, memories from the year, and the importance of our health. then we usually go around the room and share what we are most thankful for... we pray and then talk throughout. here are some conversation starters i love: what trip you would take tomorrow if money were no object, everyone’s top five books, childhood nicknames, and your favorite meal of all time. what are your conversation starters? lastly, here are 100 great ideas/free printables from dawn nicole designs for you to use! enjoy ♥
4. craft some flower crowns: how fun would a craft section with either fresh or artificial flowers to create flower crowns be?!
5. some fun dish ideas {with lots of pumpkin!} and fun go-go leftover bags:
here are six recipes i recommend: 
- pumpkin lattes {maybe on a coffee bar?} by vitamix
and adore these to-go boxes/materials recommended by: the wedding chicks
have you ever hosted thanksgiving or a friendsgiving?
any advice?
...i would love to hear...
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  1. These pics are gorgeous! I've hosted a friendsgiving before and it was so much fun!

  2. Love all of these photos!! Such beautiful styling on that table. I love friendsgiving! Look forward to it every year :)

  3. Those cider's look amazing. What a pretty table too!

  4. I always love reading your posts. They're always so pretty! We had a friendsgiving last year with our small group a week before the actual holiday and it was so fun!

  5. I love these ideas, and I love those white pumpkins. Never thought about Friendsgiving. I might not get to do it this year, but maybe next Thanksgiving. I'm in Ohio btw, and have family in Charlotte. Anyway, have a fabulous Friday, and an awesome weekend!

  6. I LOVE these ideas!! They are all beautiful! We're hosting my in-laws, and then my SIL, her husband and 3 kids, plus my parents (usually it's just me, my husband, his parents and mine) so I can't do a friendsgiving on top of that, but maybe next year!

  7. We've had Friendsgiving before and it's usually pretty low key but always fun!! It's fun to make a big fancy meal with friends because normally we either go out or BBQ at home.

  8. I absolutely love the photos! Looks like a great "thanksgiving". I might try those recipe's out! The drink ones look amazing! :)

  9. I love the photographs. I will definitely be trying some of those drink and food recipe's they look amazing!

  10. I love these ideas!!!! I want to host a friendsgiving so badly... I just need to make friends in my new town. ;-)

  11. Love the tablescapes! So beautiful!

  12. Thank you for these tips. I really wanted to do Friendsgiving this year; but, the friends were out of town {sad face}. I love the black and gold together! It's awesome! I will be sharing this today on my Facebook page (Nifty Betty).

  13. I love the idea of having Friendsgiving! Whenever my group of friends get together we always do it pot luck style where everyone brings something. We get together often have have really gotten good at finding new cool dishes to bring.

    I love that you included cider on your list, we were just talking about having a cider bar for our Christmas Eve party.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Can't wait to host my first friendsgiving this year!

  15. this post came at the PERFECT time! i'm hosting friendsgiving with a new group of friends THIS WEEKEND and will definitely use this inspiration as i decorate/set up for the event :)

  16. Love this post! Great timing, I am more of an informal "mingler" too! :)

  17. i love the idea of Friendsgiving. Although, our Thanksgiving is over, but I love your ideas here. Beautiful photos! :)