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currently {november edition}

cooking | i will be honest, i am not the best cook in town. however, i have really been trying! we have been enjoying my mom's homemade soups at our house {chili, vegetable, and chicken and rice} cheese boards, and homemade pizzas. i am also loving fresh salads and fruit. i am all about some trader joe's finds {the prices and flavors are perfect in my eyes} 

planning | our babymoon to savannah, georgia ♥  it's very close to charlotte and i have been three times {loved it each time} and mr. monaco will be experiencing it for the first time. we will be there november 20-22 and are staying at a beautiful bed and breakfast. we are planning on taking in the beauty of the city and just doing what we feel like while there... however, i would like to maybe make a few reservations/look up some cute places to check out. any suggestions? 

smelling | well... considering i have had a terrible cold for a week now... not much. however, i could smell the dreft detergent when my mom and i washed baby monaco's clothes last sunday and it was so wonderful. every time i open his closet this week, i can also smell the sweetness. some of my favorite smells include: fresh linen, hazelnut, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and lavender. 
appreciating | a very close family. i can literally say anything to them and i feel comfortable... and that's a really good feeling. 

anticipating | a trip home at the end of the month and the holiday season- my very favorite of all. bring on the glitter, coziness, and love that the season entails. and of course, meeting our son in about ten {ish} weeks ♥
be sure to stop in tomorrow for another bumpdate - week thirty!!
what are you currently loving?
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  1. I've always wanted to go to Savannah - what a fun babymoon destination! A B&B sounds perfect. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Are you going to be home for Thanksgiving?! We'll be in Cincinnati for the holiday. If at all possible, we should try to meet up! I know it'll be a busy time, but just maybe it could work!

  3. I absolutely love our due date because we will be ending the holidays by meeting our sweet little men! What a precious season!

  4. that first picture is stunning - i love the wall color
    !YAYYYY baby is coming soon!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful babymoon!

    And isn't Trader Joe's the best?

  6. Mmm, this is the best time of year for soups, right? And a babymoon in Savannah sounds wonderful! I've never been there but I hear it's beautiful!

  7. So exciting! I'm sure you can't wait for baby. I think washing and folding all my little guy's clothes before he came was one of my favorite parts! (Strange, because I hate folding and putting away my laundry, ha ha) ;) Those foods sound delicious! I think I need to try some homemade pizza myself. Have SUCH a fun babymoon! I've never been to Savannah, so no tips here, but I've heard it's beautiful!

  8. We are heading to Savannah soon too! I haven't been since 6th grade and an excited to explore the streets as an adult and really appreciate the city in a new way! Have an amazing time!!

  9. I love how everyone's cooking either soups or baking cookies for fall. :) A B&B in Savannah sounds so romantic and charming! I've never been, but I'm sure it's lovely. I wish that my husband and I had thought to go on a babymoon! Enjoy your trip!