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an autumn | storybook baby shower {part one}

on saturday, october 17, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law threw me an adorable autumn | storybook themed baby shower here in charlotte. it was beautiful, memorable and so much fun. i was twenty-seven weeks along and loved being surrounded by family and friends to celebrate baby boy. i know that so much time/planning was put into the event - making it very special. they both started planning over the summer and spent a lot of time preparing several little details that meant so much-- i am so appreciative. hours were spent at barnes and noble to find the perfect books {with food dishes to match} each pick was chosen with love and for a specific reason. i can not thank them and all of the people who came and generously showered our baby boy- it truly means so much. 

 snapshots from the shower: 
the fruit was delicious and how cute is this presentation!? 
two of my very favorite people.
i was able to enjoy the awesome food on the back porch with friends
lots of laughs and beautiful {perfect!} weather 
so thankful for this friend- she makes me laugh and is the best support system
she makes me a better person and is one of my favorite parts about life in charlotte
the jessicas ♥ love both of them!
cute chalkboard sign when you walked in {with a baseball, of course!}
my sister-in-law baked these!!! and they were so.good! and so pretty 
the books, peanut butter and cupcake and if you give a dog a donut were next to these 
mr. monaco's 90 year old grandma, carmella - she was a hit! love her stories and spunky personality 
my co-worker, michelle - she was SO good to baby boy! 
 cute cookie favors
books: goodnight moon and if you give a mouse a cookie 
the mantel was full of goodies for baby -  loved these rain boots 
my amazing co-worker and friend, krystil 
cute bunny {jellycat} riding his bike was the main centerpiece ♥
this plate was mr. monaco's plate when he was a little boy
our baby received a set that day-- from gram 
{how special!}
one pretty autumn day in north carolina 
my niece after the shower playing - i mean how cute are her little boots?! 
my mother-in-law has such sweet friends 
my niece, taylor kate 
such great friends 
beautiful veggies next to the peter rabbit book 
{more on this book soon- absolutely love it!}
baby nelle in the tub 
i love you more 
the teapots with autumn flowers were gorgeous 
my best friend growing up {kindergartern-on} drove to be there for me - it meant so, so much. 
she is always there for me during both the good and difficult times- love you, renee! 
my nephew, cameron, is just the cutest baby boy and i adore my sister-in-law, tricia so much
they also drove far {from philadelphia} to celebrate 
a very special thank you to these two- such incredible hostesses
love you both ♥
chicka chicka boom boom with some chicken pasta from pizza peel in charlotte
my mother-in-law had this cute ohio state sweater/booties set on the mantel- go bucks! 
look for a few more photos and details tomorrow! 
it was truly a special day - absolutely loved every second of it

thank you again to all who came and to those who provided such a wonderful event
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  1. What a wonderful shower!!! Every detail looked so sweet and I love that you had a book theme! Many of my favs in there! :)

  2. What a cute shower. Love the food and book tie in's. If you give a mouse a cookie is a fav in my house, love how that was a food tie in too!

  3. Super cute!!! I love how thoughtful everything was and the book theme was a great idea.

  4. Book themes what a great idea. Lots for mom to read and it can go either way for boys or girls baby showers. I try to incorporate food from stories here.

  5. I love the book themes. Great ideas, extra books for your home library. Books are the gifts that keep giving for years. Your little one will be lucky to have a wide collection .

  6. Such a cute idea - love the story book idea. My friend had a shower like this too!

  7. Everything looks great! My uncle and his wife did the story book idea too, I gave them "give a mouse a cookie"! It looks like a lot of fun & the cupcakes look yummy.