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a grateful heart

my heart is grateful for: 

- mr. monaco driving us safely back to north carolina yesterday from ohio {all eleven hours} it usually takes about eight. we only stopped twice quickly and it still took us so much longer than normal with the rain and traffic through the mountains~ so thankful for him. 
- my back is still pain-free!!!
- the health of my loved ones
- guacamole and smoothies
- ballet pink nail polish
- forever friends 
{a very happy birthday to my 'kindergarten friend' today- love you, lori!}
- being able to spend saturday with family and family friends - we watched the ohio state/michigan,  game together and then hung out all day/night, smoked a brisket {a 20 hour process- headed up by my awesome big brother, bassey- it was delicious} and enjoyed lots of laughs and heartfelt moments as they shared their love for baby boy and i {esp. from my second mom growing up- adore you and love our chats, barb} 
- snickers ice cream bars
- being able to spend two days with my mom~ she's the perfect person to shop with: so patient, fun, and open to any type of store- we had lots of fun exploring all types of shops! {big retailers, consignment, coffee, and boutiques} excited to share some photos with you soon - lots of beautiful displays and items in one cute downtown near my hometown. 
- playing games and spending time with my precious 86 year old grandma ♥
- cuddling in bed with my mom and sister and watching the family stone {while we all felt baby boy kick and dance}
- she & him radio on pandora 
- the calmness of a rainy day
- the entire month of december- my absolute favorite.
- glitter
- the smell of pine
wrapping gifts is one of my favorite parts about the holidays
i just love this post from natalie of natalie creates about her wrapping station
i hope to share mine soon 
i hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving 
what is your heart grateful for this week?
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  1. I love this post! There is so so so much to be thankful for!

  2. So glad you had a safe drive and that the hubs did the driving for you! Victor did all the driving for us, too (both ways) while I ran interference with Max. Also, The Family Stone is one of my favorite movies. And I need to get my wrapping station in order. Everything is in one place, but it's not organized to my liking yet. Would love to see yours!

    1. i hope to create a little center and post {if i can stand soon- haha} and love that movie!! so many great actors :)