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a grateful heart + weekend snapshots

hello to you on this monday morning. i hope you had a wonderful weekend! today i am sharing some things i am grateful for; along with some snapshots from my weekend. this was one of our last 'free' weekend until the middle of december {and we all know how long weekends in december stay 'free!'} it was nice to have no plans and be able to do whatever, whenever. 
my heart is grateful for: 
- group texts with my family and high school girlfriends
- sweater weather
- real simple magazines
- gilmore girls marathons
- fireplaces
- my health- even on days when it isn't perfect. 
- delivery food
- friendships, both new and old
- wool socks
- freshly cut flowers
- oranges and cheeseboards
- coconut milk 
- the hours between 8-midnight when the house gets dark and quiet
- the last slice of pie
- being able to be with baby boy all the time
- a really good hug. 
mr. monaco went to the movies with his nephews saturday- while i got wild and crazy with a bubble bath, our book club book {the woman in black} the buckeye football game and a bowl of vanilla ice cream with bananas and caramel topping. 
 yesterday i went to a baby shower for one of my dearest hometown, college, and charlotte friends
she is expecting a baby girl and is due just six days before me- it was fun to chat with people i love there and meet others, too. i gave her a lil' swinglets swing, pale pink moccs, and a book 
 baby boy and i took a lot of walks... can't wait to play in the leaves with him. 
 my favorite spot in our home these days... our large master tub.
the tray is from etsy: SKHeartLandDesigns
and it's one of my favorite purchases of all time ♥
...what is your heart grateful for this week... 
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  1. oh my goodness so many things I love about this post!! homemade baby swings..!? I need to get one of these! :)
    that vanilla icecream with bananas sounds so stinking delicious to this preggo, haha. When are you due? :)

    1. thank you so much! check out kari's adorable homemade baby shop on instagram and facebook- they are the cutest!! and i am due january 14 ♥ hope you're well and appreciate the kind words. the ice cream was like heaven. my joys these days...

  2. such pretty shots! those pink mocs are just about the cutest things I've ever seen! I need to find a pair for my niece!
    also, im pretty determined on getting vanilla ice cream, bananas and caramel sauce at the store on my way home from work now... thanks for that lol

    1. thank you so much! i bought them on etsy and can try and find the shop name back... and go get some! so good. haha

  3. Beautiful photos and your thankful list brings a smile to my face because those are many of the things I am thankful for too! Texting convos with BFFs who live in other cities, fresh flowers from my husband just cuz, sweater weather, and watching a good TV show (Gilmore Girls and Modern Family are my favorite). Glad to find you on Grateful Heart link-up!

    1. awe, thank you so much!! excited to check out your blog, too. and so glad you enjoyed my photos {all iphone} it sounds like we have a lot in common ♥

  4. I could seriously eat a cheeseboard for every meal lately!

  5. Nelle, that ICE CREAM!!!! Oh my gosh, looks so good - I will have to try that. I can't wait for it to be sweater weather here. We've had a few days here & there but lately it's been pretty warm! (Not that I'm complaining though!) I hope you're having a blessed week!!