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a grateful heart: a loving mom and dad

 when my parents arrived friday, they explored the south park area of charlotte
and sent me an adorable selfie from nordstrom cafe 
how cute are they- little lovebirds
a forty year relationship still going strong
{my parents were good friends before dating/marrying in '81}
this past weekend my parents {mimi and pops to baby boy} visited from my hometown in northwest, ohio to spend time together/help prepare for baby's arrival... and my heart is beaming with gratitude. it was more than likely their last visit before he arrives and it was so memorable. we enjoyed a delicious dinner uptown friday evening- with rooftop drinks and great conversation.  saturday, my mom and i spent the day together... which is her favorite thing to do. {i know this because she tells me this often! however, we were missing my sister in cincinnati} whether it's cuddling up on the couch like yesterday and watching the cincinnati football game, enjoying her homemade chili soup/chocolate chip cookies, and washing baby boy's cute little clothes in dreft detergent {that sweet smell!} ... or venturing out all day {literally} to shop the market/boutiques like we did on saturday. we enjoyed brunch at zada jane's, boutiques, atherton market, baby shops, target, chopt salad, consignment shops, and our traditional trip to anthropologie. while we explored charlotte, mr. monaco and my dad did so, so much in the nursery - and i absolutely adore it.  my dad put so much previous work into researching how to make my vision for the nursery come to life and i could not be happier {or more thankful.} he mentioned last night how much he loved working with the future dad; how great mr. monaco is to work with. it's such a special space in our home anyway and it meant the world that they spent so much time creating what i had in mind.

when we wrapped things up last night, my mom, dad, and i stood in the room and tears could've streamed down my face, as i stood in my future son's room with my parents. i love the serenity and peacefulness that it exudes. my dad said, 'the baby will love it! excellent vison, nelle!' it was such a special moment after a labor of love all weekend {and months of prep/getting things together.} i can't wait to show you all photos soon. we only have the curtains, some art, and closet organizing left to wrap it all up. we are hoping to finish up this month so we can enjoy december/the holidays as much as possible. so very exciting!!!

this morning was very bittersweet as i said goodbye to them. my mom said, 'let's do a three-way hug!' {we grew up doing this- esp. when arguments happened between my sister and i - i don't think my brother and i have ever fought!? oh, infamous #sisterfeuds *usually over clothes. or when something good/special happened, too} but we hugged and it was a hug i will always remember.
and then later in the day, i thought, 'but it was really a four-way hug.' ♥

this baby is already so loved.

mom and dad-
the three of us are so thankful for your trip down south to help us prepare
your genorisity, hard-work, and selflessness meant the world to us.
thank you.
 my mom loved walking around the atherton mill market with me early saturday
something i do a lot on the weekends 
she talked to almost every vendor {and hugged a few!} 
we picked up some fresh apple cider, an apple pie, and a terrarium for her kitchen  
{we hung our terrarium in the nursery!} 
the lady, linda, who creates the terrariums there is so sweet and helpful
i love to talk to her during my visits 
 this succulent pumpkin was so festive and beautiful for halloween day 
also from her booth
 we tried chopt at the park road shopping center saturday afternoon and it was delicious. 
i ordered the vegan mexicali salad with the mexican goddess salad dressing
it was amazing-  a spicy/jalapeno lovers dream. we will definitely be back!!
 a display of flowers at the anthropologie at atherton mill 
{my favorite anthropologie in our city - or maybe ever?!}
...we found some great finds on sale there...

 so nice to chat over coffee with my momma 
wish we lived closer ♥
i can't wait to share my charlotte baby shower, a currently post, november goals, a few book reviews, baby updates, a cute coffee shop, a local calligraphy + cupcake class, fall recipes, the nursery reveal, the cutest greeting cards from hill collection, and so much more with you soon

and this post from her and everything: halloween with magician + rabbit was a favorite of mine today
also, thanks for all of the love about my post friday about bringing up bebe!
lots of emails, advice, and messages about how you agree/were inspired- i am so glad. 
it's a great read and i hope to discuss more soon. 

  ...what is your heart grateful for this week... 
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  1. That pumpkin is totally adorable! Makes you appreciate having loving parents when you've got a big life change ahead of you.

    1. thank you so much :) and so lucky to have them in our lives. they are wonderful people. hope you're well, rae

  2. I love reading a blog from a neighbor here in Charlotte, Especially when you are talking about local shops, places, etc. that I recognize or have been to. So happy for you and your family were able to spend time together. I know when my girls left home and even though they live an hour or so from us in Huntersville, it seems so long when we all can be together.

    1. thank you, michelle! and i totally agree- it's hard to be apart while pregnant. so glad you live pretty close {nine hours is so hard!} i love reading your blog... and hope your week is going well!

  3. What a lovely time!! So sweet :)

  4. First, I love your photos! What kind of lens do you use? Second, parents are such a blessing. I loved reading about the sweet time you had with yours. :)

    1. hi! thank you so much! i have a nikon and a lot are my iphone :) i would love the 6s {just for the better camera!} and then some stock photos... but most are mine. so thank you! and yes, such a blessing. ♥ they make life so much sweeter. have a great week

  5. I can tell that being a mother is going to be such a sacred and beautiful experience for you! I love how beautifully you described your relationship with your parents and your excitement for them to be grandparents.

    I am hosting a link up on my blog where people post anything that was happy for them in the month. You should totally sign up because this definitely applies! ♥

    1. thanks for the info! i linked up- love your link-up!! have a great day, autumn