olive june: November 2015

a grateful heart

my heart is grateful for: 

- mr. monaco driving us safely back to north carolina yesterday from ohio {all eleven hours} it usually takes about eight. we only stopped twice quickly and it still took us so much longer than normal with the rain and traffic through the mountains~ so thankful for him. 
- my back is still pain-free!!!
- the health of my loved ones
- guacamole and smoothies
- ballet pink nail polish
- forever friends 
{a very happy birthday to my 'kindergarten friend' today- love you, lori!}
- being able to spend saturday with family and family friends - we watched the ohio state/michigan,  game together and then hung out all day/night, smoked a brisket {a 20 hour process- headed up by my awesome big brother, bassey- it was delicious} and enjoyed lots of laughs and heartfelt moments as they shared their love for baby boy and i {esp. from my second mom growing up- adore you and love our chats, barb} 
- snickers ice cream bars
- being able to spend two days with my mom~ she's the perfect person to shop with: so patient, fun, and open to any type of store- we had lots of fun exploring all types of shops! {big retailers, consignment, coffee, and boutiques} excited to share some photos with you soon - lots of beautiful displays and items in one cute downtown near my hometown. 
- playing games and spending time with my precious 86 year old grandma ♥
- cuddling in bed with my mom and sister and watching the family stone {while we all felt baby boy kick and dance}
- she & him radio on pandora 
- the calmness of a rainy day
- the entire month of december- my absolute favorite.
- glitter
- the smell of pine
wrapping gifts is one of my favorite parts about the holidays
i just love this post from natalie of natalie creates about her wrapping station
i hope to share mine soon 
i hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving 
what is your heart grateful for this week?
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey
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oh baby | thirty-three weeks

how far along? | 33 weeks 

due date: january 14, 2016
hi! hope your week is going well ... today i am sharing a bumpdate 'thanksgiving edition'.
wishing you a great weekend and hope yesterday was a special one 

baby's size | baby is the size of a durian and is around 4.2-5.8 lbs and 19 inches long 

gender | a baby boy! 
cheers to it officially being christmas season 
it's almost christmas day- which also means that baby monaco's birthday is right around the corner!!

feeling |  i feel relaxed and really good overall ... it's been so nice to be off work for a few days and with family/loved ones in my hometown. my parent's house is just the coziest- lots of places to escape and cuddle up with a blanket. 
-our thanksgiving table-

maternity clothes |  my mom spoiled me on wednesday with some new undergarments/more tights and i am in love. in love. feeling so much more comfortable!! we went shopping together and had so much fun... we shop very similar to one another. baby boy as well was definitely spoiled with some new little socks, onesies, bibs, outfits, and a snuggly bear outfit. 
movement |  my grandma was able to feel him move last night while we played games in my parent's basement {she's one of my favorite people in the whole world} and helped raise us... she's so sweet, hard-working, and so genuine. it was a special moment

sleep | 
 i've been going to bed really late this week {due to traveling in and staying up with friends/family} but plan to rest a little bit today before going back out to some boutiques/a coffee shop with my mom 
cravings | my brother-in-law, bassey, has been making healthy smoothies every morning this week- i am a happy girl. he's using spinach, frozen berries, greek yogurt, homemade peanut butter, organic milk, and protein 

miss anything | my cousins and aunt in chicago- we used to go there for thanksgiving and some of my favorite memories and traditions are there. also, my sister just took off for work in cincinnati for the day- already missing her. she will be back later tonight for some more fun - loving being with her! 
fun facts | baby's keeping his eyes open while awake. he's starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing and his bones are hardening. 
best moment of the week | everything about last weekend in savannah- our babymoon was success. along with the embracing hugs we received when arriving in ohio and spending the night with my high school friends on wednesday- lots of memories, photos, and laughs were shared. 

how's dad? |  he drove us all the way up here safely and as always, has been so supportive. he is also enjoying a few days off and has been relaxing as well 
looking forward to |  watching the ohio state/michigan game with my family tomorrow... it's always been a very big day in this house {bloody mary's, appetizers, family friends, and smoking a brisket all day} hail to the scarlet and gray- go bucks!! 

in case you missed: 
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thoughtful hostess gifts

the holidays are now here!! {yay} sometimes fancy soaps and potpourri sachets get lost in a drawer. if you want to give something that someone will love {and use right away}, 
here are are some cute and thoughtful hostess gifts: 
i used this polka dot paper for a few things with our wedding 
{like the hotel boxes} 
it's from michael's and makes such a fun paper wrap for fresh flowers
tied with a hello tag - hello, so cute. 
wine wrapped in a festive cloth 
the pine cones create such a wonderful touch
adore everything about this basket!!
succulents are always a good idea!
a margarita mix kit
perfect for the holidays 
i have had students give a piece of their family christmas tree as part of their gift/wrapping and found it so personal - a meaningful touch 
love this idea of finding vintage mugs/cups at flea markets and adding a succulent/plant
breakfast for two
a lovely touch for thanksgiving day 
{a printable is available!}
polariad magnets- aMaZinG. 
thoughts? what do you usually bring as a hostess gift? 
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a grateful heart

 happy thanksgiving week to you! i hope it's so wonderful and is spent with the ones you love. last night we returned from our babymoon in savannah, georgia {it was so perfect- post(s) coming soon} and therefore, my heart is feeling extremely grateful. that city is so easy to fall in love with {every time i visit.} in addition, we are leaving tomorrow for a trip to my hometown {my last one before baby} and i am looking forward to spending time together and relaxing. what are your plans? 

my heart is grateful for:
- first and foremost, i am currently pain-free!! ♥ the excruciating back pain i had is now gone and i am so happy. being able to move without pain is such a great feeling; liberating beyond words.
- southern charm + historic u.s cities
- old book stores
- peppermint ice cream
- room service
- fireplaces + robes + coffee
- the 'trampled by turtles' pandora station
- mocktail moscow mules
- sage green nail polish
- anything knitted for baby boy
- fresh flowers
- hot tamales
- hazelnut lattes
- handmade soap
- also, loving my fitbit again!! we walked so much this weekend i love to track it all. do you use one? i would love to follow you! add me-- monaco.nelle@gmail.com
what is your heart grateful for this week?
safe travels and again, so much to be thankful for and hope you feel the love around you
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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simply loving

we are leaving early this morning for our babymoon in savannah, georgia 
i will see you back here monday and hope you all have a great weekend
but first, here are some things i simply love
such a great look for thanksgiving day

this drink {but n/a} looks amazing for the holiday season
love everything about this little guy's look
super cute thanksgiving printables
 this awesome inspiration wall- built with colorful tags
25 things every woman needs to know
these beautiful glistening glasses from modcloth
i want to join this gathering!!
bottle brush trees are one of my favorite parts about the christmas season
these tags are so unique- love the wood look
amazing. by kate spade- who doesn't love this song?! :)
i find these beautiful
♥ party inspiration 

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