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fall in charlotte brings back lots of memories. i moved here in the summer of 2007 and that fall was one of my all-time favorites {despite teaching two subjects as a first year teacher/coaching the golf team until dusk, re-locating from columbus, ohio only knowing two other people, and a hard break-up} my memories from this time period are very vivid and unforgettable - i loved so much about these initial beautiful autumn months in the carolinas. i was exploring a new city {a city i would fall in love with} and was living on my own for the first time. i remember the lovely sights, the smell of bruegger's pumpkin coffee, cleaning with the windows open on a saturday morning to billie holiday blaring, the very first visits from loved ones, the unknown newness, the adventures of getting lost, even songs that were popular- it's a time i will always remember. not only do i love the trees, the fashion, the food of fall- it's also nostalgic because of my memories from this year. i was fresh out of college- and just livin' the dream. i remember feeling independent for the first time in my life. i would grow so much in the upcoming years... a sense of calmness would eventually come over my body. {esp. thanks to practicing hot yoga and re-connecting with my faith} i would feel less anxious and more confident with each passing year. i grew to know what i want out of this one life and what is most important to me. i grew closer to myself and had a better understanding of how i want to lead my life; how i want to be remembered. i quickly realized that kindness, a genuine heart, a creative soul, my faith, and someday a wife and mother were what i yearned for most- what i wanted to focus on. it hasn't been easy, but i strive daily to do my very best.

in honor of this fabulous season, here are a few etsy favorites i am simply loving. 
wishing you a wonderful weekend!

any plans?
what are your most vivid memories of fall?
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  1. I'm already on the hunt for good winter coats & I love that camel color one!

    1. i love winter coats ♥ i don't get to wear them much in the carolinas and miss that part of winter- so many cute ones!!

  2. I love reading your story about falling in love with fall! The idea of moving somewhere completely new sounds so fun and exciting. I am so glad that it ended up being the best decision for you back then!

    1. thank you so much... it was a great decision! ♥ hope your week is going well, emily

  3. So many gorgeous fall pictures!!

  4. Lovely coats!

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