a grateful heart | olive june

a grateful heart

 this week my heart is grateful for: 
 it was such a great weekend {just beautiful!} and there is so much to be thankful for...
- our charlotte shower was on saturday! it was an autumn-storybook themed shower and was so, so lovely. i loved celebrating with family and friends and my sister-in-law and mother-in-law did an amazing job planning the special event- so thankful for everything. {photos and details on the way!}
- i spent saturday morning at some of my favorite spots in the city- the two markets i love in charlotte, the nail bar, anthropologie, and owen's bagel and deli {which was inspired from the one in my college town of oxford, ohio}
- many people traveled far to attend the baby shower and it meant so much to me!
-  yesterday, mr. monaco and i ventured over to hodge's family farm in charlotte for some pumpkins {hoping to share more photos soon of this adventure as well!}
- the spirit of thankfulness and forgiveness {two of my favorites}
- seeing all the families and dogs out at the markets saturday morning- i picked up an air plant for the nursery and a latte and watched people spend time together and be out and about before winter comes
- guacamole and hummus
- i have been collecting various fall recipes to hopefully make soon...
- my parents are coming this weekend to visit from ohio and help with the nursery/organizing baby items {we have received so, so many very generous gifts- so grateful for that!} i can't wait to see them and spend time together- i will probably only get to see them one more time before the baby arrives {we are traveling up north for thanksgiving}
- dark cherry nail polish
- duck's donuts {from the outer banks and new to charlotte} i went on friday to pick up an assorted dozen for baby, my co-workers, and i to celebrate passing my glucose test {yay!!} and they were life-changing. {some of the flavors were french toast, pumpkin, reese's, sprinkles, almond joy, coconut lemon, orange, maple bacon, cinnamon- yum}
- white pumpkins
- apple cider
- a weekend of sunshine - and leaves that are starting to change colors!
- the fact that all three of my football teams are undefeated! {the buckeyes, bengals and panthers}
- sea salted caramel lattes
- photos of my sister and brother-in-law's adorable puppy, annabel {i will introduce you all soon!}
- campfires
- all of the baby wearing gear we have received- so excited to baby wear our little boy soon ♥
a crisp fall sunday- felt like i was back in my hometown {smells of farm animals and all! ha ♥}
 watching the horses play on the farm 
picking up some flowers saturday morning at the kings street farmer's market 
 white pumpkins are just my favorite

...what is your heart grateful for this week... 
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  1. I have never seen white pumpkins. They're just not available in our place. Anyways, hope baby would be healthy and smart. Congratulations!

  2. Can't wait to hear more about the shower! The theme sounds like it would be just gorgeous!

    1. it was super fun and very special! thank you for your sweet comment, darcy!!

  3. Being grateful makes life so much more fun. LOVE the flower pictures, so pretty.

    1. yes it does!! i love emily's link-up and thank you so much!

  4. Your grateful post is amazing. What a wonderful reminder of all the blessings we are surrounded by in life. It sounds like your Saturday was perfect. I love days like that. Dark Cherry nail polish?! I think I need some of this in my life and white pumpkins, I love them, too!

    1. thank you so much! i always love your comments... there is just something about dark nails and those cute white pumpkins in the fall ♥

  5. Apple cider, sea salt caramel lattes, and white pumpkins are perfect to be thankful for during this beautiful fall!


  6. This is such a sweet post - love that you listed all the things your grateful for right now - big and little! Glad you had a great baby shower!

  7. We love the Kings Street market. I live in south Charlotte and everything you mentioned from the weekend I couldn't agree with more. A fantastic weather weekend in our city. From ember grey.

    1. yay- so glad to meet a fellow charlotte blogger ♥ i love your blog and how great was last weekend- just beautiful. hope you have a great week and thank you for the sweet comment

  8. Awesome list! We should all start making lists of things we're grateful for 😊

  9. I loved reading your post, it's an amazing list. Everybody should find things he can be grateful for.

  10. All your pictures, not just the ones in this post, are really pretty and look very professional.

  11. Indeed you do have a lot to be greatful for, including a beautiful attitude toward life!

    1. awe, thank you so much! such a sweet comment, lori ♥ hope your week is going well!

  12. It sounds and looks like a lovely time. Now we all want to go chase down some white pumpkins for our own!

    1. ♥ hope you can find some... just so cute! thank you so much, melanie!


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