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what's in my bag?

just like bailey jean, the host of this blogtember challenge, i am a huge 'bag lady' and an over-packer. this started at a very young age. my parents always talk about how i loved to 'pack my various bags' and i remember loving to pack my lavender, my little pony, backpack around the age of four and heading down the street to my grandparent's house - bag fully packed with lots of 'goodies.'  in kindergarten, the assistant teacher, mrs. meyer, told me that i had to 'cut back' on my show and tell treats, which i would bring daily {and about twelve years later at age eighteen, her grandson would become my first love - how embarrassing? not that she remembers... but it was a vivid memory for me! haha} and so... it continues. i always have a big bag and it's usually full. i try to keep it organized, but i probably have more than i 'need' and i am ok with it. how bad will this become with baby boy? a little scary. <3  
my current bag contents: 

-another clutch from h&m {because packing a purse inside of a purse is so normal!}
- tocca stella lotion {anthropologie}
- aveda lipstick- color, cana {does anyone else love the texture/smell of their lipsticks?}
- a wood necklace
- she & him {this cd goes from my car to our house a lot}
- a 'to do' list from rife paper co. {the one side of me that is very left brained}
- a sunglass case
- iphone {case from j.crew}
- gold wallet {target}
- blush bag {target}
- an organizer + pink pencil {etsy}
- veggie chips {i get hungry fast and easily these days ;)}

what's in your bag?

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  1. I love what's in my bag posts. I wrote one back in march. I love the wallet you have too :)

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  2. I have two bags inside my purse, so you're not the only one! It keeps me more organized. :)

  3. Everything in your bag (and your bag itself) is adorable, just like you. And I went through a period of no purse and just threw my wallet and phone in the diaper bag when Max was a bitty (I hear that's the trend with lots of mommies) but now that I don't need to lug the diaper bag on every errand with us, I have a purse again!

  4. Your purse is so cute! And that bag is really great as well! Thanks for sharing..my bag is always so boring and empty because I hate carrying stuff around!

  5. I LOVE this! I was/am a bag lady still! I keep a purse inside of my purse at all times as well haha!

  6. I love your bag!! And that Rifle Paper to-do list is super cute.