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twelve months of bliss {august}

nothing encourages inspiration and a creative outlook like a blank canvas! so began the august twelve months of bliss prompt from emily of ember grey. i usually create an inspiration board the first week of january every year and always love the process. her prompt motivated me mid-year to re-evaluate my visions and goals by adding things that inspired and encouraged me. she emphasized this month that we change- and that that is ok. just as the seasons change, different things come up in life that leave us different; somewhat changed. "don't be afraid to change. you may lose something good but you may gain something better." whether it leaves a positive or negative impact, i think it is important to step back and recognize that our dreams might be changing. what better way to do this than a clean slate at the beginning of each month? i hope to continue hanging different pieces to my board throughout each month.
before i clear it off for september, here is my inspiration board for august:
 but first... here is the one i made in january for the new year. 
my blank canvas
{this is the actual color- the sunlight made it more yellow in the photos below- i guess my nikon would have been a better choice :)}
 now full of inspirations and momentos of love 
i cherish little notes and thank you cards from loved ones
i think it says so much about a person 
{if someone doesn't send a card, it totally doesn't bother me at all. but when they do, it means a lot}
i am all about showing gratitude towards other people
again, it doesn't always have to be a 'thank you' card 
but any gesture means a lot to me
{a text, email, a verbal note, ecard, anything}
i included this photo of my brother-in-law, bassey, and his late brother, imoh
{he sent me this post card as a 'thank you' after i surprised him in cincy for his 30th birthday}
his brother sadly passed unexpectedly last september 15 {just three weeks before their wedding}
he was the best man. 
it was the hardest thing i have ever experienced- by far. 
i pray about this event every day and remember the people who were there for us most
i pray for bassey and ask for strength and the ability to cherish all of the memories he was able to experience with his forever best friend
{my sister and bassey are two of the strongest people i have ever met}

my board included a lot of baby love from other people {esp. bloggers}
thank you, sweet rachel of little blue sailboat for the thoughtful cards and countless gifts
{baby monaco is lucky to have you, max, and victor in his life!}
my mom and dad 
my sister, friends from home and charlotte 

i yearned for home a lot this month 
{although i LOVE, love living in charlotte}
it's just that being pregnant and being far away from people 
who mean so much to me hasn't been easy
this photo of my five closet friends from home helped brighten my days
- i read an article about always trying to learn new life lessons by trying new things throughout life...
the fun lady in black and white was the photo in the real simple article 
- the photo on the right is from the incredible blog, a beautiful mess, and was to encourage my love for blogging/creativity {and all of you!}
- the quote, 'a beautiful new day' was placed next to my memories with imoh and was to always remember that each day is a extraordinary gift; so savor it. 
- mr. monaco has been AWESOME {so supportive} and i am so grateful for him. he will be such a great dad.
- the lentil bowl was to inspire healthy living 
{i just went to trader joe's last night and bought some healthy food options for the week!}
- my friend, kate, gave me the adorable mint card below with some snuggly swaddle blankets 
-the saying melted my heart-
{this has been the best compliment i have received from people!} 
all of these things make my heart so happy. 
do you make inspiration boards?
also, go check out her beautiful inspiration board here
 hope you have a wonderful day

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  1. What a great idea! Lovely photography!

  2. Small things matter the most. Thank you for sharing!

    1. yes!! they def. do. you are so welcome and thank you for stopping in today!

  3. I love inspiration boards, yours is so cute!

  4. I love this idea Janelle!! You are so creative!

  5. This was so, so beautiful, Nelle. The entire thing. I really loved reading about everything - you have inspired me in some areas and I'm so grateful for that!

    1. awe, so sweet. YOU inspire me. thank you for the kind words and thoughtful tweet. twelve months of bliss is amazing.

  6. I have a vision board, but I like the idea of changing it up more frequently. Great idea to have an inspiration board that you change monthly.

    1. i am new to the monthly change and am loving it! hope you do too, tammy! thank you for stopping in

  7. So cool. I love this. I made a vision board once a while ago, and I'd like to do it again. This is great inspiration.