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in my passport: cincinnati, ohio + one beautiful wedding!

saturday morning, we strolled through the fancy flea market in oakley- right outside of the city 
it was so lovely.
check out these delicious raspberry, coconut donuts from gadabout donuts
road tripping through the west virginia mountains with a darling magazine {my favorite}
 {and dying over all of the cuteness in the land of nod magazine}
all of the vendors at the market were SO NICE. 
as we walked, they all greeted us from their chairs and it started to stand out to me? 
later in the day, i started to think about it and i couldn't figure out why it was weird to me? i lived in ohio for twenty-four years...? i am just not used to the excessive friendliness anymore. it was refreshing. i had some good chats with a lot of them and loved so many cute items. 
and the blogger in me snapped a few photos...
be kind.
this stand was precious and the gold pumpkin stole my heart
lots of cute kids books
we enjoyed a great brunch at sleepy bee cafe
again, i walked in and instandly noticed a difference in the way people were dressed
it looked like a homage ad
lots of dark rimmed glasses, rich fall colors, vintage ohio state tees 
{hello, game day spirit!}
felt like fall in the midwest and the food/lattes were to die for!!
it's all locally grown on farms in ohio, kentucky and indiana 
and was very flavorful and fresh
that afternoon we had the honor of attending one of the most intimate, personal and beautiful weddings- it was truly an honor. the couple is so loved- and you could feel it in the air all day. i went to college with the bride/she grew up in a nearby small town from my hometown and simply loves {loves} life- so much. she always has a smile on her face and has the most loving heart. there are no words for how beautiful both the hindu and christian ceremonies were...

i absolutely loved all of the personal touches 
and the coming together of two cultures and religions 
the smell of chai tea and incense during the hindu ceremony
while watching such a gorgeous event
is something i will never forget.
mr. monaco and i enjoying time with my college friends- oh, how i missed them! 
my dress is maternity from ASOS
it was blush on the bottom and black on top - and very comfortable!
the florals were out of this world.

the barat
welcome and namaste
the most stunning indian princess
so much love.
we all love you both and your love for one another
i was talking to friends when i looked out and saw this - so i snapped a quick photo:
the estate was perfect for the event 
we ended the evening with delicious indian food, ice cream and lots of dancing
{they wanted other married couples surrounding them as they did their first dance- it was so special- and signifies the selflessness they both exhibit.}
sunday morning before the baby shower
{a post coming soon!}
i had a few moments to spend with my parents over a cup of pumpkin coffee
here is a shot of their backyard
sunday night we enjoyed pizza, a campfire, and the stunning moon eclipse on the patio 
one of my very favorite spots to be - to watch the world go by. 
it's just so peaceful.
where are some of your favorite spots to spend time?

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  1. Oh I love these beautiful photos! You have a great eye and I can feel your personality seeping through each frame. Congrats on your upcoming little one too! Motherhood is amazing!

    1. hi jen! you are so sweet- thank you so much! we are so excited!!! and it was a great weekend ♥

  2. Beautiful wedding!! Love the photos, they each really tell a story!

  3. You had an AMAZING photographer! Your wedding looks like a dream!

    1. these are some photos i snapped at a friend's wedding {all iphone :)} thank you though!

  4. Looks like a lovely weekend! Did you happen to remember a shop called The Sewing Loft at the Fancy Flea? It's my aunt's shop and she usually has a booth at the OFF. The wedding looked absolutely lovely! And your dress was beautiful! I had to spend close to $200 (at Destination Maternity) on a fancy maternity dress for a wedding when I was pregnant with Max. I'll have to check out Asos for future babes!

    1. awe, i wish i would've known... we literally were driving after brunch and did a uturn when we saw the market... i would've loved to have met her!! thank you so much - i couldn't believe how expensive destination maternity is- wow. i went last week and it was crazy.

  5. It looks like it was a fun wedding! And such a charming little trip!

  6. I love flea markets! And that wedding really does sound special and loving. It's beautiful how they were able to incorporate both traditions.

    1. i love to stroll... it's so serene to me! and thank you - it was so special and so lovely. they did an amazing job of planning it and their love was so evident. loved your post yesterday girl ♥

  7. Looks like a beautiful wedding! Also great pictures from the flea market, love walking around those!

    1. thank you, ashley!! hope your day is going well ♥

  8. What a BEAUTIFUL wedding and wonderful moments captured!

  9. What a gorgeous wedding! I love all your photos--looks like the day was overflowing with joy!

  10. What an absolutely stunning wedding, it looks like it was lots of fun!