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currently + blogger love

wearing | loving maternity jeans with my knockoff $12 navy chuck taylor's! serious question: how does one ever go back to wearing normal pants?!  they are the most comfortable thing in the world!! it's the feel of leggings yet the look of jeans- so incredible.

looking forward to | a weekend in my home state - we are traveling up friday after work for a wedding in cincinnati on saturday {one of my very best college friends- could not be more excited for her- she is so sweet.} and then my hometown baby shower is sunday at a coffee shop in smalltown, usa. i am beyond the moon excited to celebrate baby boy with family members and dear forever and ever friends. i am very thankful for everything my mom and sister have done for the shower and can't wait to enjoy time with loved ones.

reading | we have been turning off our cellphones in the evenings {part of my post last friday} and have been reading books- it's been serene, peaceful, and extra special - with baby joining us. i am starting the circle maker {a gift from my friend, renee} and am really enjoying it!! thank you again, sweet girl
listening to | so... i discovered prime country on xm {after months of listening to the coffee house channel, which is also fantastic} and i could not be more in love. hello, real country music. i missed you- so much. just last week i thought about how i don't drive down the road blaring music and wanting to sing at the top of my lungs- sad i know :) i thought, 'maybe it's city living... maybe it's my age!?' ... and then i turned on prime country and it all came back. my friends and i used to cruise on back country roads all day listening to these songs- back when country still had some twang {eric church is my only remaining hope of carrying this on...} but it's refreshing to hear the songs i loved so much. recently, i heard 'don't take the girl' by tim mcgraw and tears started to roll... i forgot about the reason why she was going to leave his life as an adult and it made me so emotional- i am sure the pregnancy hormones didn't help...!

encouraged by | my faith and daily devotionals

wanting | a photo printer! i have been working on my project life scrapbook for baby boy and am constantly going to target/cvs to print my photos {which they usually mess up- regarding quality/orientation} this printer is definitely on my wishlist: a canon pixma in gold  {they had me at gold.}

grateful for | the close relationship i have with my sister- she's my rock, daily inspiration, and very best lifelong friend.
 simply loving blog posts:
- small gatherings are my love language and this one for my lovely friend, astleigh, at hill collection was so perfect: tea for two

- before you ever see me living in a country club development, a vintage farmhouse in the country is more my lifestyle... which is probably why i love the blog, natalie creates so much. her home, photos, crafts, shop items, her sweet chickens... it's all so dreamy and inspirational. someday, i hope to own my a freckled farmhouse, too! to be able to run freely and live privately within a landscape of country hills is ideal living for me... still loving the city at this point, but i think about this desire often. her blog simply makes my heart happy.

- this pumpkin dip from carolina charm looks delicious! happy first day of fall to you 

- the importance of remembering ordinary days by nienie of nienie dialogues
simply loving links:
this bathroom!
travel the country in this beauty!
an 'i am bored' jar for kids

wishing you an awesome day!

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  1. I LOVE your site! Found you through The Peony Project today and feel like I know you a bit already. :)

    1. thank you so much ;) so glad to 'meet' you and am loving your blog, too! ♥

  2. I still can't wear normal jeans without feeling uncomfortable... I'm four kids in and can not even be bothered with jeans.

    1. haha- i totally get it. ♥ thanks for stopping in!

  3. Wasn't that tea party just incredible?! I was so fortunate to have such a sweet gathering thrown for me and baby girl!

    1. it was so sweet- i loved how it was outside! my sister wanted to do that ... but we didn't know if we should risk the weather {and it's supposed to be awesome outside!!} of course ♥ but a coffee shop is right up my alley, too! loved your photos - you looked beautiful!