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conquer that funk + a weekend in greenville snapshots

we all have times when we feel stuck, discouraged, or even depressed. some people get this way in the winter, but it's more in the summer for me.  i am one of the rare people who like winter more than summer... let's not forget i live in sunny north carolina so it never gets very cold/gray and that helps. i just love to bundle up and be cozy. it's nice to have time off in the summer, but sometimes not having that structure leaves me sluggish and not as motivated to accomplish what i need to each day. sometimes this also happens when we overextend socially or at work {middle/end of august for me}. sometimes it's a creative paralysis- i don't feel like i can produce anything and it's frustrating. we all get in a funk sometimes. but you deserve to make time for yourself and take time- without feeling guilty. {esp. you hard-working moms!} you are worth it, too!

conquer that funk.
here are some ways that i have learned to get out:
1.      listen to your body: i try to ask myself, am i going to bed at a decent hour? what kind of sleep am i getting? diet and vitamins are also important for my mood and well-being. i can always tell a huge different when i am eating well and keeping my blood sugars stable. throughout my pregnancy, i have been taking vitamin D - which is a great supplement that always seems to help me. i also ask myself, ‘am i getting enough calories?’ by listening to my body physically, i usually start to feel better emotionally because a chemical imbalance can affect every other part of your life.
2.      play! laughter can be the best stress reliever there is. therefore, when i felt myself being down in august, i planned a trip to see one of my best friends in life. laughter and light-hearted conversations are a guarantee. below are some photos of our time together last weekend in greenville, south carolina {i have known her since kindergarten and adore her.} we enjoyed delicious meals, cute boutiques, lattes at adorable coffee shops {more on this soon!} we watched chick flicks, ate mexican takeout, fresh fruit, and laughed about memories from our past {high school and college were nothing short of FUN and crazy for both of us… SO many awesome memories!!!} so find your version of play- do cartwheels, watch funny movies, enjoy a book, bake a cake, create a mixed cd/playlist, pick up some flowers {peonies are my true love} take a walk, stretch- let your mind escape. do whatever works for you and make it a priority.
3.   prayer and meditation: i try to clear the space around me {by cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing my home regularly} and then make time to do some morning/evening devotionals with God. through prayer, a clean environment, and a {pumpkin} candle burning, i usually leave with a clearer mind. with Him, i know i will make it through anything
4.      kindness towards others: kindness can heal, and gratitude does, too. when you start to feel sorry for yourself, make a point to do something kind for someone else. by reaching out and thanking someone for the joy they bring into your life, your mind will hopefully become free from the little issues {or more major} that have been bringing you down. both of these are so important to me and i try to make it a focus daily to attempt at least one of them. i usually notice a big difference. giving to your favorite charity and making a list of your greatest blessings are two other ways that i recommend conquering a current funk. my favorite quote of all time: "be kind- for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle." --  plato

what about you?
what works for you … what do you recommend!
as promised, here are a few snapshots from my weekend:
this jewelry was just my style
roadtrippin with baby boy and a cinnamon dolce
don't even worry- mine was a 'mocktail' and it was delicious!!
how sweet was this little gift
an anthro maganzine, an adorable book from asheville called 'love who you are' and a note that read,
"to my sweetest dearest friend who LOVES life. i love that about YOU!" on a particular page that reminded her of me. she is always so thoughtful and it meant the world to me. 
anthropologie was full of fall fashions- yay!  
we had fun searching the clearance room together 
wishing you happy - funkless days ahead! 

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  1. This is great advice! Laughter and kindness can go a long way!

    1. yes!! i totally agree :) hope you're feeling well- you looked beautiful in your post today! cheers to 21 weeks

  2. I've been in a funk lately too. I'm not sure if it was just stress or my baby going to kindergarten or a little of both. I've tried to get some more sleep and exercise.

    1. i h ope you get some happiness soon- it's the worst! sleep and exercise are helpers for me :) and hope your baby is loving kindergarten! <3

  3. Oh my gosh your pics are amazing, I want to crawl right into them!

    1. thank you so much!! :) it was a wonderful time in a beautiful southern city

  4. A visit to Anthropologie always makes me happy too! It looks like a fabulous weekend :)

    Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn

    1. i can just walk around and take it all in and feel so much better! it's one of my very favorite atmospheres

  5. Looks like a fun time, spending time with people who touch our souls is so reviving!

    1. yes! i totally agree- it's the people in life that mean the most. thanks for stopping in!

  6. Thank you, I really needed this today!


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